3 Important Hormones That Greatly Influence Weight Loss

3 Important Hormones That Greatly Influence Weight Loss

3 Important Hormones That Greatly Influence Weight Loss

The yearning to lose weight and get back into shape becomes stronger every time you weigh yourself on the machine. Remember, there is always a way to lose weight by adopting a plant-based diet and maintain a healthy exercise regime. It requires a lot of motivation and awareness to lose weight but the result you get is worth every effort.

Every year, millions of Americans get a gym membership or take the help of fitness instructors in an attempt to lose weight. However, it is also important to have a clear understanding of your hormones and by learning how to work with them can play a huge role in your weight loss success.


Ghrelin is the hunger hormone which is produced in your stomach. When you skip lunch or dinner, the levels of this hormone rise and send you into starvation mode. This state is responsible for you to unable to resist anything edible you see, making it almost impossible to keep control. Naturally, ghrelin is elevated in the morning since you have fasted all night. This is why everyone stresses the importance of breakfast for fueling your energy in the morning.

According to a research published in the Journal of Clinical Science, a high-protein meal calms down glaring ghrelin levels, substantially, as compared to fat and carbohydrates rich meal. A high-protein breakfast, including some kind of meat or protein shakes, is highly recommended for a good start to the day. Adding protein to your lunch or dinner will ensure your ghrelin levels are under control throughout the day.


Leptin acts as an appetite suppressor, which means it is responsible for signaling you to stop eating. This is why it is an important hormone to focus on while you are dieting. Most of us are unaware of the fact that as we continue to age, the effect of this hormone also decreases. This means that when we get old, we develop leptin resistance or our bodies fail to respond to the indications signaled by leptin. Consuming a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids will boost the production of leptin.

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Including sardines, wild salmon and mackerel in your diet will surely help. Sleep disorders that lead to inadequate sleep will also lower leptin and increase ghrelin, which means there will be a strong urge to eat more. Seven and a half hours of sleep or the ideal 8-hour sleep is essential for maintaining proper leptin levels.


Much has been said about the relationship between stress and Cortisol. Infamous for piling up belly fat, any event that causes stress will pump out cortisol to face the challenge. Cortisol supports your body to accumulate visceral fat (which is the unwanted fat around your waist). It will also push you to crave salty and sweet foods to suppress negative emotions.

To thwart cortisol’s fat-storing effects, go easy on your coffee consumption and avoid stressful situations. When caffeine is mixed with stress, cortisol levels escalate and remain elevated for quite some time. While it helps to cut down your caffeine consumption, also make it a point to stay connected to positive individuals and avoid people who induce negativity in your life.

Once you get to know how the above-mentioned hormones play their part in weight loss, you can avoid starving yourself by consuming healthy snacks at regular intervals. The most crucial thing to begin your weight loss journey if believing in the fact you deserve to look and live healthier. A nutritious diet, a heart in good working condition and a mind that signals positivity will keep all hormones in a good balance.