5 Steps to Stop a Migraine Headache Fast

5 Steps to Stop a Migraine Headache Fast

5 Steps to Stop a Migraine Headache Fast

If you know your warning signs for a migraine headache, you should also know a few ways to prevent a regular headache from turning into a full blown migraine. Medications, water, caffeine, quiet and a massage are all steps to try if you feel a headache coming on. Using these five simple, preventative steps you can stop a migraine headache fast. Try one or all of these techniques the next time you feel the early warning signs of a migraine headache coming on.

Over the Counter Headache Medication

Talk with your doctor about the best over the country headache medications for you and your type of headaches. Typical medications include ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin and Excedrin. Each medication works slightly different and have different effects on your body so make sure you discuss your use of any over the counter medications with your doctor based on other medications you take and other health issues you may have. Take your over the counter medication at the earliest sign of a migraine to give it time to work before your headache hits.

Drink Water

After taking your over the counter medication, you should make sure you are not dehydrated. Being dehydrated can lead to headaches so drinking enough water on a daily basis is very important. It can also be an essential step in stopping your migraine from fully developing.

Drink a Little Caffeine

Caffeine is a tricky part of the steps to stop a migraine. If you have already been drinking caffeine throughout the day you do not want to drink more in an effort to stop a headache. But if you are not use to large amounts of caffeine then drinking some at the first sign of a headache may help prevent it from developing into a full migraine. Caffeine is often included in headache pain medication both over the counter and prescription. The addition of caffeine helps the pain medication work more effectively.

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Find a Dark Quiet Room

Relaxing in a quiet room that does not have a lot of light is the perfect way to let your medication take effect and give your body a chance to fight off the headache. Migraines thrive on loud noises and bright lights, so take yourself out of those situations early. Head to your bedroom or another room in your house where you can lay down and rest without being disturbed.


While you are laying down, take the time to massage your head a little bit. There are some fun gadgets that you can get with finger like massages to rub on your whole head at one time or just take your hands and rub your head with all of your fingers. Rub your scalp slowly, working your hands all the way around your head. If you have a loved one in your home that would be willing to give you a back and neck massage, this can be very helpful in relieving the tightness that could be contributing to your headache. Gentle massaging works best as your body may be sensitive to too much pressure.

Taking the time to follow these five steps might not always prevent a migraine headache from coming, but it is possible you can prevent a migraine with these steps. Make sure to talk with your doctor about other steps he or she feels would be helpful in reducing your symptoms and preventing migraines from occurring.

Take time for yourself when you feel a headache coming on and you can eliminate painful migraines and the hours they can take from your day to day life once they fully hit you.