6 Ways To Improve Your Memory

6 Ways To Improve Your Memory

6 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Forgot to walk the dog again? No wonder your dog has been picking up weight. He needs to exercise to and you do too. Research has shown that certain exercises boost memory. But that is just one of the ways. Here are 6 ways to improve your memory.

Work On Puzzles

While your brain can’t do pushups, it can be exercised. One great to do so is by doing puzzles. Puzzles stimulate your brain to work; thus boosting memory levels. Nonetheless, one study discovered that aging did not affect mental tests scores of vocabulary and reasoning after continually doing just crossword puzzles. In other words, it is best to switch up the type of puzzles you do. Whether you enjoy crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku or looking for the remote control, make sure to do some puzzles.

Be more sociable

Remember that girl or guy in high school who wore all black and did not talk to anybody? Oh that was you. No wonder you can’t remember anything. Studies show that people who are sociable have good memory. The reason for that is being sociable (or having friends) tends to ward off depression and stress; two issues that leads to memory loss. So while you may less than 10 friends on Facebook, try to at least socialize more with family members.

Keep things neat

Do an underground sewer look better than your bedroom right now? Research indicates that are you likely to be more forgetful if you have poor cleaning habits. Keeping things such as your home neat will keep your memory running smoothly.

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Get adequate sleep

Not getting enough zzzz’s will not keep your mind at ease. Numerous studies show that getting enough sleep contributes to a great memory. So maybe it is time to start recording The Tonight Show and go to bed early. Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Eat natural foods

Eating natural foods will greatly improve your memory. Fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats (i.e., olive oil) are natural food choices that has been linked to reduce symptoms of dementia. So if you want to remember what happen yesterday, put down the Oreos and pick up an orange.

Drink a glass of wine

Seems like a glass of wine isn’t only good for drinking after a long day of work. A study showed that men and women who drank some had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s compared to nondrinkers. This does not mean run to the nearest liquor store and stock up on Moscato to have a drink fest. One glass of wine per day should be enough.

These 6 tips will improve your memory. Now, print this article and tape it on your refrigerator so you don’t forget.