Alternative Approach and Treatment for Diabetes in Children

Alternative Approach and Treatment for Diabetes in Children

Alternative Approach and Treatment for Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is a very common disorder, even in children. In fact, 1 in every 500 children seems to be afflicted with this disorder. Type 1 diabetes is a disorder in which the pancreas stops producing the vital hormone, insulin. This results in an accumulation of sugar in blood that may lead to many severe problems. As there is no fuel for the body to use, as sugar is not stored by insulin, the body starts burning away fat till there is no fat left to use.

The risk and threat posed by a disorder is as common as diabetes increases greatly due to the fact that it has no cure or treatment. The only treatment for diabetes may be a lifestyle change that involves controlling the amount of sugar one consumes in every form.

Many foods these days have sugar added in them and as a result, consumption of these foods can prove to be dangerous. However not only can a diabetic patient not eat foods with sugar added in them, but they also need to stay away from natural sugars such as fruits, honey and so on.

Some people have a milder form of diabetes that can be controlled through medication and a lifestyle change. On the other hand, people with a more severe case of diabetes need to inject insulin in their blood stream on a regular basis.

The lifestyle change required for people with diabetes is not an easy one. Giving up all your favorite foods knowing that you cannot consume them in order to stay alive may not seem like a tough choice. However, it is one for people who find their pleasure in the food they eat. When it comes to diabetes in children, the challenge posed by a lifestyle change increases several times.

Children, in all their innocence, cannot fully grasp the severity of their condition. They might see it as punishment and choose to find candy outside where a parent or supervisor cannot stop them. The consequences of such actions can be disastrous depending on the severity of the disorder.

Parents should always be completely honest with their children so that they understand why they are being stopped from eating candy bars while the other kids and their siblings are allowed to eat as many as they want.

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According to health care experts, there are natural treatments that can help children handle diabetes in better. As we mentioned previously, there is no permanent cure for diabetes, but these natural treatments can help control blood sugar .

Several natural foods hold within them the capability to regenerate beta cell and may be a cure for diabetes for some patients. Although it is crucial to point out that the regular treatment should not be stopped while using these alternative natural treatments. These alternative treatments should be used as a support system for the main medication.

A study published in the Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology proved that the Linun usitassimum, which is an active part of flax seeds, provided great benefits when tested on animals with type 1 diabetes. They improved the utilization of glucose in liver and reduced the rise in glucose levels after a meal.

Arginine, Avocado, Berberine found in goldenseal, Chard, Corn Silk, Turmeric, black seeds and Stevia are all natural compounds and foods that help improve the function of our pancreas and control the glucose levels in the blood of a Type 1 diabetic. Regular consumption of these foods can help keep glucose levels in control so that gradually, the dose of treatment can be reduced.

These natural remedies and treatments might help control blood sugar raises and, as a result, they allow a little flexibility to people with Type 1 diabetic. Diabetes is a lifelong disorder and in the beginning it may seem that this disorder can make life not only difficult but unbearable. However with time, effort and patience everyone can learn what works for them on an individual basis.

There are some people who can consume a little sweet at a time without it creating much of a difference, whereas for others, even a little can be dangerous. With time and patience, anyone can control their food intake and as a result, their life will slowly becomes normal.