Alternative Methods for Managing Chronic Pain

Alternative Methods for Managing Chronic Pain

Alternative Methods for Managing Chronic Pain

A common treatment plan for chronic pain generally includes the use of steroid injections and oral medication. But presently, many alternative treatments are becoming popular for patients who look forward to reduce their pain by means of non-medicated routes. In case you are seeking alternative methods for pain management, there are several resources available to you about the various alternative treatments available for alleviating chronic pain.

Thanks to many alternative treatment methods offered by pain management facilities for dealing with chronic pain, it is fairly convenient for patients to access a variety of potential cures. Patients suffering from discomfort caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia are quickly adopting these cures to lower their pain level. Some of these are listed below:


A popular alternative method for aiding chronic pain is acupuncture, which is an ancient Chinese cure, offered at several pain management centers. Through this process, a licensed physician will poke needles into your skin. The process is effective at relieving extreme cases of chronic pain as when the needles are inserted at specific points in the skin, it helps to unlock the flow of energy in the body which releases pain and sets off the healing process.


Yoga has been labeled one of the most effective alternative ways for pain management. With a combination of physical exercise and meditation, yoga involves a sequence of physical postures and breathing methods to calm the mind as well as the body. Several such poses, known as asanas, are known for restoring balance to the affected areas of the body. An example of this is a headstand combined with rhythmic breathing that has been effectively used to reduce notorious headaches. For taking care of all kinds of chronic pain, yoga has many forms, ranging from meditative breathing to aerobic routines which are fairly intense.

Chiropractic Care

Executed by a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a professional specially trained in joint mobility and spinal manipulations, this alternative method for managing chronic pain also incorporates acupressure points into the treatment plan. Presently, a few insurance providers also cover chiropractic care, owing to its increasing popularity.

Energy Medicine

Reiki, along with a healing touch, and are two commonly practiced forms of energy medicine. They must be provided by licensed practitioners only. In energy medicine, the therapist will employ his own energy to redirect the patient’s who is suffering from chronic pain. He can also stimulate specific points in the body to alleviate pain. Presently, energy medicine is an emerging science and is mostly used for pain relief in cancer patients.

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Hypnosis works best to change the manner in which our mind interprets emotions and feelings of pain. Although how it truly functions can be a mystery, it works by involving deep and guided mediation induced by a professionally licensed hypnotherapist. It is effectively used for giving you subconscious control over the pain level.

Magnet Therapy

As surprising as it sounds, magnets are also becoming popular for treating tender points in the body. A number of wristbands, insoles and lumbar supports are available that make use of magnets for every day wear. Magnets have been used by medicinal experts since the 3rd century. Although the way they work is hard to explain, magnets are known to exhibit fields which affect the manner oxygen is carried by the blood or the manner in which nerves conduct pain.

Massage Therapy

This includes massages by a licensed massages therapist, or LMT, will massage your body deeply to release large amounts of serotonin, the body’s natural way of relieving pain. This therapy also helps the body to enter a deep relaxation mode which leads to enhanced and deep sleep, relieving the patients of depression and anxiety. This therapy includes deep tissue massage as well as simple superficial treatments. A few massage therapists have successfully incorporated other alternative techniques into their treatment plan, like aromatherapy, energy medicine and meditation.

Another popular alternative method for dealing with chronic pain is using trusted and reputed natural supplements. This can be a wide range of effective and powerful herbs and supplements that can do the job needed for blocking the many kinds of enzymes that give rise to the production of pain throughout the whole body. A few of the most familiar supplements comprise of turmeric, ginger, rosemary and green tea.