How to Conquer your Gut Allergy with these Simple Steps

How to Conquer your Gut Allergy with these Simple Steps

How to Conquer your Gut Allergy with these Simple Steps

A gut allergy is a horrible ailment that makes life unbearable and you miserable. Imagine having to suffer from an allergy from every single environmental, and dietary changes in your life. Are you suffering because spring turns into autumn or a certain food doesn’t agree with you?

Treating gut allergies is important too because let’s face it, no one wants to spend their lives suffering from coughs, sneezes, itchy eyes and more, usually all part and parcel of an adverse allergic reaction. The good news is that living an allergy-free lifestyle is well within everyone’s reach. And that they involve 3 basic steps to taking care of your gut allergy once and for all:

  • Adopt a healthy diet
  • Healing the Gut with Remove > Replace > Re-inoculate > Repair program
  • Some supplements

The Connection between the Gut and the Allergy Explained

Allergies happen because of inflammation in the body. Be it swelling, itching or redness, hyper-reactivity and inflammation can, with some effort, you can get rid of. And it all starts with the gut.


The digestive system exists to break down the food using natural digestive acid. This acid also breaks down any allergenic proteins as well. Your intestines are normally shielded with a layer of barrier cells that can help protect against getting these proteins mix with your bloodstream.

Additionally, your intestinal walls are home to special bacteria that, along with your immune system, can prevent the occurrence of inflammation. If inflammation occurs then that will likely lead to the host having allergic reactions.

So in short, it’s the gut that serves as your line of defense against allergy. The gut can be weakened if you eat food that irritates your gut. The gut gets weakened if some antibiotics make the good bacteria achieve a lower count than usual.

This phenomenon of a weakened gut is also referred to as the term ‘a leaky gut’. As that scenario continues, the gut goes into “red alert mode” and uncontrollably responds to any minute changes in the environment.

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Healing your Gut

To care for your gut allergy, healing your gut is very important. This can mean that your body’s hyper-reactivity is low, and that the gut becomes less responsive to seasonal allergies as well as food.

The Remove > Replace > Re-inoculate > Repair program, made to heal your gut, can take between 3 weeks 6 months. The duration is determined by the health of your gut. The 4 steps can be explained as:

  • Remove – Adopt a diet that eliminates the normal food diet.
  • Replace – Use a good-quality digestive enzyme to speed up the breakdown of harmful acid
  • Re-inoculate – Protect yourself and your gut with a probiotic.
  • Repair – With the help of supplements, rebuild your guts.


First, your diet needs to be free from gluten, dairy, sugar, packaged juices and backed floor products. Reducing these foods can help you eliminate as many of the common gut allergy triggers as possible.


  • By taking these supplements, your seasonal and dietary allergies can be better managed.
  • Some frozen, yet dry nettles in capsules can help you repair your gut. Take 3-6 tablets daily.
  • Quercitin (500mg) is an herbal remedy for boosting gut repair and anti-inflammation.
  • Zinc is also great and can be ingested by adults and adults alike. However, their dosage level should be watched. For kids 5-20 mg is recommended.
  • Ascorbic acid of 2000 mg (the buffered version of the acid) must be taken every day. It features anti-oxidizing capabilities and is recommended for those going through pregnancy as well.

Taking these steps can help you re-inoculate and repair your gut, making it as good as new and letting you bid farewell to all the other allergic reactions that made life complicated.