Why it is So Difficult to Take Obesity Seriously

Why it is So Difficult to Take Obesity Seriously

Why it is So Difficult to Take Obesity Seriously

Obesity is fast becoming one of the most common diseases around the world. The simple data that states the number of people who are obese on a worldwide level is startling and everyone needs a wakeup call to start taking it seriously. Despite the fact that in 2013, over 2.5 billion people were obese out of the 7 billion worldwide population, not much has been done to remedy the situation. What is even more troubling is the fact that a majority of the 2.5 billion people belong to only 10 countries in the world.

Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be much being done to help people who are obese. Many people often do not understand the nature of obesity. Whether they have a relaxed approach towards obesity or actually blame overweight people for making themselves obese, it is evident that a large part of our society does not take obesity seriously.

No Differentiation of a Healthy Appetite

Food and obesity go hand in hand. One does not gain weight without eating aplenty. In places where large meals are common, like the US, it is actually expected for a person to guzzle down meals that are super-sized and contain more than 2000 to 3000 calories in one helping alone.

Moreover, some people actually consider their ability to eat giant steaks and pizzas in one sitting as something to take pride in. While it is impressive as a party trick, it is not something that should be indulged in on a daily basis. Unfortunately, poor knowledge of a healthy diet and fast food chains that are looking to maximize sales make it difficult for people to resist those large fast food deals that are cheap and offer so much food.

Family Habits

A lot of the time, obesity is something which gets ingrained in a family. While a certain part of obesity can be hereditary, families often have a pattern that ingrains patterns that lead to and promote obesity. Sedentary lifestyles, large meals where you are encouraged to polish off 2 to 3 helpings and where a person’s appearance is accepted are all some symptoms that families show where a large number of or all family members are overweight or obese.

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While families are supposed to love and accept you no matter what, these habits can actually promote child obesity and teach them habits that incorporate obesity into their adult lifestyle as well. For anyone who is trying to recover from obesity, breaking free from those ingrained habits and changing their lifestyle is absolutely necessary.

Society Is Actually Accommodating Them

Whether it is the larger meal size or the fact that businesses are actually revamping themselves to allow for obese customers, society actually seems to be accommodating obese people. In a way, it makes sense. There are over 2.5 billion obese people and more growing every day, so if you can’t beat them, why not join them at their game?

Rather than put their foot down, many businesses in various industries are actually accommodating obese customers in order to continue to maximize their sales. Moreover, with everyone taking it in bad taste to point out that someone is overweight and obese, everyone has seemed to silently agree to shove the problem under the rug.

Despite the fact that obesity introduces many complications and diseases and actually has drastic effects on a person’s life, people still find it easier to drown their feelings in a tub of ice cream instead of facing the problem head on. While steps have been taken to raise awareness, it just doesn’t seem to be making as much of a splash as an announcement for 50% discount on all meals at McDonalds would.