Fight the heat with a healthy diet!

Fight the heat with a healthy diet!

Fight the heat with a healthy diet!

We all know this season, the season of extreme temperatures, extreme heat, long summer days and just as hot nights.

I for one try to buckle up and stay under the A/C most of these summer months. However, going out every once in a while is a necessity, both for mind and soul.

Now the question is, what are we supposed to eat during these feverish days when our appetite is at its lowest and greasy fast foods are hardly the answer?

1. The rule of water

I am sure you hear it over and over again but I am about to repeat this rule one more time, just to emphasize its relevance. Water is the answer. Don’t turn to Coke and other bubbly drinks that are full of sugar.

Water is the key that can save you from dehydration. In case plain water is a bit boring or hard it drink (since it has no catchy taste) try combining it either with some homemade syrup or for instance coconut water.

2. Try a dose of naturally cooling foods

Here I created a list of the “greenies” that will help you get through the long summer days, in a cooler way.

Ice coffee.

Why begin with this? Well because basically it opens each of our mornings anyways. Then why not make it a cool one? Also, fun fact about coffee that I was also not aware of until recently, it offers you protection against cancer. One single cup of coffee per day, keeps the cancer away it seems.


Besides the obvious positive aspects, for instance that it’s great in any salad you can come up with, it also has other health benefits. It also protects you against the burning summer sun. I’m not saying to forget about all the sun creams, but offer yourself an extra boost instead.


As the name quite obviously suggests, it’s a great source of water. 92% of its consistency is made of water. Hence, you don’t have to struggle to drink all that water to stay hydrated. You can also eat it.


Not only it has a great taste and once again, alongside with tomatoes, is welcome in any salad, it also acts as a shield against the toxic rays of sunshine.

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My favorite ones. Why are they so awesome besides the great taste? They are a huge source of fiber. And fiber is necessary in any healthy diet, especially during the summer when we sweat out so much of our energy. Also, increasing your fiber intake can help you lose weight.


Yet another great summer treat. And not only. Due to its antioxidants it helps you fight muscle fatigues, so you can hit the gym more often.


So that we don’t discriminate vegetables either. They are a great source of vitamin C and due to their antioxidants they are great in reducing body heat.


We could not neglect the citric side of the diet. Not only are they great when it comes to boosting the immune system but also help you reduce body heat. Plus they are easy to combine with water, either just add a few slices, make a lemonade or add to your foods.


Yet another great little green veggie. Just like the berries, it’s high in protein and helps you reduce your body heat.


Another one of my favorites. You know what mint is good for? The list is quite long but it helps with digestion, heart burn, headaches and is also a great source of minerals and vitamins. So either get yourself a mint tea or just add some mint to you lemonade.

Then again, as a final piece of advice, you can add certain spices to your cooking. Think of India, think of its climate and you will see that it’s not a coincidence that they use so many spices and condiments. Also, you can find a great deal of recipes online, regarding what and how to combine in order to get the best mix of vitamins in order to boost your energy and fight the heat.

In case you have any wonder recipes that worked for you, share them with us, or in case you noticed any miraculous food that helped you get through the torrid days of summer.