Age is nothing but a number.

“I wish I can go back in my 20s.” I can’t lift or workout likes this anymore.” “I’m too old to get in great shape.” “These are some of the phrases I hear from people over 40 in the gym all the time. And these same people are doing bicep curls with 3lb pink dumbbells. If that describes you in any form or fashion, I have 2 words for you: Stop it! Better yet, quit making excuses. Age has little to do with you being out of shape. If that was not the case, then there wouldn’t be any athletes over 40 years old. You have the power to be in shape regardless if you’re 42, 62 or even 82 years old. Nonetheless, there are principles you have to follow if plan on being fit throughout your lifetime. So let’s discuss 2 principles regarding fitness that you have to realize before you get (or remain) in shape past the big 4-0.

Fitness is a state of mind

What do all people who are in shape got in common? They have a strong mindset to be fit. Being in shape is a state of mind. Think about it. Nobody is forcing or making you not be in shape. That choice is up to you. You choose whether you let your stomach be flabby or flat. You choose whether you develop high blood pressure or other health problems. The day you decide in your mind that you want to be fit, you will do what is necessary to become so. Your body, your choice.

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Fitness is about progression

As stated earlier, there are older men and women in the gym claiming that it is hard for them to get in shape, yet curling on 3lb pink dumbbells. First and foremost, unless you’re elderly man or woman who is working out for the first time, 3lbs won’t challenge you. Yet, many older people continuously workout like that. If you truly desire to be fit, you got to push yourself. If you was in shape when you was younger, the reason for that wasn’t due to your age, but because you pushed your physique to do more. So if you’re workout feels like a day at the spa, you’re not pushing hard enough to progress.

Those were two principles regarding fitness for you to think about, especially if you’re over or approaching the age of 40. Just remember that age is nothing but a number!