How to Get Back In Shape

How to Get Back In Shape

How to Get Back In Shape

Admit it! You’re out of shape and don’t know how to get back in shape. Gone are the days when you could consume pizza and ice cream like there was no tomorrow! Gone are the days when you could easily lose 20lbs in less than a month in order to get into a bikini or swimming trunks for the summer! You are now an older man/woman so the only way you will get back into shape is through hard-work and dedication. Speaking of hard-work and dedication, let’s breakdown these 2 principles that will help you get back in shape.


One thing that upsets me is these late-night infomercials claiming to help you lose 100lbs in a matter of weeks (some even claim days!). If you need to lose at least 100lb, I’m sure you didn’t gain 100lb in a few weeks. It took years to amass that amount of mass! Yet, these fitness and supplement companies have the audacity to make you believe getting back in shape is as easy as taking their magic pill or workout.

People who successfully reached their weight-loss goal couldn’t have accomplished that without hard-work. No fad diet, magic pill or workout routine will help you achieve your goal, just hard-work. Even if you lose a lot of weight with a fad diet, as soon as you get off it, you regain that weight back (even more weight in some cases). That proves my point that hard-work is essential in order to get back in shape.


Hard-work is hard to come by without dedication. Unfortunately, a lot of people trolling into commercial gym these days don’t anything about dedication. The main reason for that is because we are living in a world where instant gratification is glorified. In other words, we are more intrigued to learn someone lost weight quickly than someone who took their time. If you think like that, then be prepared to struggle getting back into shape.

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Understandably, some people have no idea how to be dedicated, particularly when it comes to weight-loss. Here are 3 ways to help you become a more dedicated individual to help get back in shape:

     Remember past goals you accomplished

By doing this, it helps you realize what it will take for you to reach your weight-loss goal.

     Identity your insecurities

Are you afraid people will stare at you in the gym for being overweight? You don’t want anybody to see you sweat profusely while working out? Identify what insecurities you have and write them down on a piece of paper. Either tear up the paper or frame it on your refrigerator to serve as motivation.

     Talk to family and friends about your weight-loss goal

Probably the best way to stay dedicated to a goal is by getting support. Talking to family and friends (especially ones that have successfully got back into shape) about your weight-loss goal will help you stay dedicated to it long-term. Getting back into shape isn’t easy; otherwise articles like this one wouldn’t exist. Therefore, don’t hesitate or feel ashamed to get help from your loved ones.

In conclusion, hard-work and dedication are the ingredients you need to successfully make a “get back in shape” pie!