How to naturally increase your testosterone level

How to naturally increase your testosterone level

How to naturally increase your testosterone level

Testosterone, also known as „male hormone” stimulates the developement of male characteristics but it’s actually a hormone found in both genders.

In a man, testosterone levels boost during puberty,peak in the late teen years and after the age of 30 the levels of testosterone start to decrease every year.

A man can determine his testosterone level with a simple blood test. The level of testosterone should be between 150 and 1100 ng/dL. If your level is lower than that, you are suffering from hypogonadism, or low T.

Signs of low testosterone levels in men

  • Low sex desire

Testosterone plays an important role in male libido. If you are experiencing a drastic decline in your sex drive, you should consider verify if you are suffering from low T.

  • Difficulty with erection

Testosterone is also responsabile in achieving and mantaining an erection. If you find it difficult to mantain an erection, it is possible that your testosterone levels to be low.

  • Hair loss

Balding is a common part of aging for a lot of men, but if you observe a massive loss of body and facial hair, the testosterone could also be guilty

  • Fatigue

You may have hypogonadism if you feel tired all the time, even after a good long sleep.

  • Increased body fat

Men with low T experience increases in their body fat, so if you are eating healthy and you are doing sports, but still gaining weight , you should see a doctor.

  • Loss of muscle mass

Because testosterone is  an important key in building muscles, if you have low levels of it, you may observe a decrease in muscle mass.

  • Mood changes

If you suffer from low testosterone, you probably experience changes in mood, because studies show that man with low T are more likely to feel depression, irritability and lack of focus.

Fortunately, there are a lot of treatements for this condition.

How to naturally increase testosterone levels?

  1. Lose some weight

Overweight men are more likely to suffer from hypogonadism, so this is an important advice in order to increase your testosterone levels. You need to cut unhealthy food from your meals, you need to start going to the gym and , in general, transforming your lifestyle in a healthy one.

  1. Consume plenty of zinc
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Because this mineral is very important in body’s testosterone production. Studies have shown that supplimenting your diet with zinc caused an improvement in testosterone levels. The food you eat is the best source of zinc. Try seafood, beaf and lamb, whead germ, spinach, pumpkin and squash seeds, nuts, pork, chicken, cocoa, beans, mushrooms etc.

  1. Optimize your vitamin D levels

To get your levels of vitamin D into the healthy range, the best solution is sun exposure. If this is not an option for you, then you should know that you can find vitamin D3 supplement, that can be taken orally.

  1. Eliminate sugar from your diet

We are sure you already know that sugar is not healthy but you’ll have to make an efforts if you care about yourself and about low T side effects.

  1. Eliminate stress from your life, or at least reduce it

When you have a stressful life, your body relases high levels of cortisol, which blocks the effects of testosterone and this is something you want to avoid.

  1. Get enough sleep

The lack of sleep affects your body on so many levels, including it can have a harmful impact on your body’s production of testosterone. Try to make a schedule that allows you to sleep 7 to 8 hours every night.

  1. Be active

When you are physically active your brain send a signal for more hormone.

  1. Avoid excess alcohol consumption

Say NO to the second beer, because it contains hops, which form estrogen in your body and this can suppress testosterone production.

  1. Season food with garlic

While improving your health, eating garlic is also one of the best ways to boost your testosterone.

  1. Say No to vegetarianism

If you want high testosterone levels do not attempt to go vegetarian. Usually, vegetarian diets are high in soy and fibers – 2 things that you want to avoid.


To be honest, a healthy lifestyle is always a solid choice, so make a change and start following our advices.