All you need to know about karma

All you need to know about karma


Most people view Karma as a punishment for something that they have mistaken in a previous life.  However, this is a misconception about karma and a  misunderstanding of culture and religion. Karma represents the law of of cause and effect.

It means  a specific action from our past,  which remains somehow encrypted  within us. It is one of the fundamental doctrines of the Buddhist philosophy that can give us an explanation as to why certain things happen to us. When we can not find a good answer to the existential questions, we are looking for answers somewhere else. Buddhism is where you can find the answer to many of the spiritual dilemmas we face in our life, and karma seems to explain in a very simple and correct way everyone’s life and the reason why everything is happening.

The Sanskrit translation for “karma” is “action”, but it includes not only whatever you might have done physical,  but it also includes all your thoughts. So, at this point,  you are not “safe” thinking bad things towards someone because these bad thoughts will turn against you at some point in time. The most important aspect regarding karma is that whatever you might do, it will somehow return to you back. It doesn’t  really matter if it is something bad or something good. It`s just karma that keeps the balance in your life. So,  if you do a good deed now, in the future it will return to you in another form. And the opposite is true as well: if you do a bad thing, it will count and it will turn against you exactly when you expect the least for that thing to happen.

Buddhist philosophy is also based on the principle of reincarnation, which states that people with good karma will have been rewarded in the next life, while those with a negative karma will come back on a form of inferior existence. In our current lives we are what we are due to our past actions and will be what we will be due to our present actions. It all makes sense.

Keep in mind that bad thoughts and deeds  come from ignorance and the lack of knowledge,  while  good deeds come from  generosity and the need to do good.  In the future we will be judged for all our deeds without any exception, so we have to “cultivate” our good habits and always be aware of the results of our deeds. One day, the time will come for us to harvest what “seeds” were planted during our lives. So, we need to be very careful and aware that all our actions are going to be measured at a certain point.

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However, we can rebalance the balance  anytime in our favor as long as we think and do good deeds. Thus we can explain the inequalities that characterize people: why some people are born smarter or less smarter,  or some of them are born others richer and others poorer, some are more beautiful or some of them are with visible physical defects, etc. If we want our next existence to be more beautiful, with more rewards, we must not lose sight of the fact that we are the architects of our future destiny and that we will be judged for any deed and thought.

So, you need to keep in mind that, Karma is NOT a punishment. It is somehow like the  boomerang effect. Something like “what you give, is what you get returned”.  One day our deeds and thoughts will come back to us in a way or another. For example,  If today I was bad with my neighbor who parked his car in my parking place, tomorrow somebody will scream at me when he catches me at the traffic light doing any type of mistake, or I will find my parking place not free when arriving at work, having to find another parking place for my car. So basically whatever we might do at a certain point in time, it will remain encrypted within us, and it will  sooner or later come into our lives as a reward. We need to focus on doing and thinking good things in order to have a wonderful life.

What do you think about karma and the cause and effect principle, according to which we will receive sooner or later a reasonable reward for our actions?

Do you believe that we all our actions in this life are being counted somewhere in the Universe and at a certain point in time we will be judged for everything we might have done or thought?

So, our recommendation is that everyone should take more care of their spirit, any religion they might belongs to!