Why You Should NOT Take Drugs for Your Diabetes

Why You Should NOT Take Drugs for Your Diabetes

Why You Should NOT Take Drugs for Your Diabetes

In case you are diabetic and fail to manage your blood glucose ranges, you’ll most definitely find yourself with a number of debilitating well being issues equivalent to coronary heart illness, stroke, kidney illness, nerve injury, diabetic neuropathy, digestive issues, blindness, or a wide range of infections.

Many of those situations might be deadly.

So taking medicine to handle your diabetes would appear like a wise factor to do.

Not so… for a number of superb causes.

Survival charges utilizing diabetes medicines

In keeping with a analysis paper Advantages of Diabetes Medication Doubtful, revealed within the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in December 2014, no doctor-prescribed diabetes drug has been proven to avoid wasting the lifetime of a diabetic. There isn’t a proof that they stop coronary heart assaults, strokes, kidney illness, nerve injury, blindness or different diabetes problems equivalent to the necessity for amputations.

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Excessive blood glucose ranges usually are not the identical as diabetes. They’re indicators of diabetes however they don’t seem to be the illness itself. The issue is: diabetes medication goal blood sugar ranges… they don’t deal with diabetes. However only a few folks die of excessive ranges of glucose of their blood.

Nonetheless they do die of the harm attributable to diabetes: coronary heart illness, strokes, kidney illness and raging infections… and diabetes medication do nothing for them.

A peer-reviewed meta-study Comparability of Medical Outcomes and Adversarial Occasions Related to Glucose-lowering Medication in Sufferers with Kind 2 Diabetes, revealed within the Journal of the American Medical Affiliation in 2016, confirmed that there was no improve in survival charges amongst sort 2 diabetics who took diabetes drugs.

The medication failed to stop coronary heart assaults and strokes. In addition they failed to cut back all-cause mortality for these sufferers.

The research examined 9 courses of diabetes medication, together with insulin, evaluating the medicine to a placebo. The researchers reviewed greater than 300 randomized medical trials protecting practically 120,000 sufferers earlier than reaching their conclusions.

Risks of diabetes medication

Medication for diabetes are harmful.

Their unwanted side effects embody cardiovascular reactions, flu-like signs and dizziness. They’ve been linked to muscle and abdomen ache, diarrhoea and anaemia. As well as, if diabetics aren’t cautious, these medicine may cause dangerously low blood glucose ranges.

The unhappy factor is that many sufferers take two and even three of those medicine on the similar time, all prescribed by their native physician or diabetes clinic.

However, as an alternative of lowering deaths, this multi-drug regime will increase dying charges.

A analysis paper Results of Intensive Glucose Decreasing in Sort 2 Diabetes, printed within the New England Journal of Drugs in 2008, concluded that intense efforts to decrease blood glucose with medicine resulted in a 22% increased price of demise from all causes. The identical research confirmed that deaths from coronary heart illness went up by 35%.

So what to do?

Reversing diabetes

The very fact is that there isn’t a want, until your diabetes is much superior, to make use of these medication in any respect. You may reverse your diabetes utilizing food plan alone, maybe with a bit of further train thrown in.

There isn’t any remedy for diabetes, ie after getting it you’ll at all times have it. So once I say you may reverse your diabetes, I imply you’ll be able to beat the nasty penalties the illness brings such because the cardiovascular issues, strokes, kidney illness and so forth.

Become healthy again

The beating-diabetes food regimen is straightforward. It requires however a little bit self-discipline.

You possibly can reverse kind 2 diabetes by consuming meals which might be (1) low in sugar, (2) low in fats, (three) low in salt, (four) excessive in fibre and that (5) are digested slowly. The best manner to do that is by concentrating on pure, unprocessed meals which can be largely crops. You additionally have to keep away from all dairy merchandise and eggs, and to drink loads of water.

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The elemental reason behind sort 2 diabetes is fats blocking the receptors in your muscle cells, leaving glucose (produced by the digestive course of) and insulin (produced by the pancreas) swirling round in your bloodstream. This situation known as insulin resistance.

The weight-reduction plan works as a result of it minimises your consumption of fats in order that, after a month or so, the fats blocking the receptors in your muscle cells may have disappeared.

Unblocking the receptors ensures that the insulin can do its job of opening these receptors to get the glucose out of your bloodstream and into cells, thus ‘reversing’ your diabetes.

In addition to following the beating-diabetes food plan, you also needs to take up some delicate train, resembling strolling, gardening, swimming, dancing and so forth. This may assist stimulate your muscle cells to make use of the vitality (glucose) floating round in your blood stream.

As well as, you can provide the beating-diabetes food plan a lift in a number of methods:

Vitamin D

Low ranges of vitamin D3 have been linked to each pre-diabetes and full-blown diabetes. Sadly, most individuals have a vitamin D deficiency.

A analysis paper entitled Lipoprotein lipase hyperlinks vitamin D, insulin resistance, and sort 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional epidemiological examine, undertaken by Chinese language researchers and revealed in January 2013 in Cardiovascular Diabetology, confirmed that even a minor deficiency in vitamin D3 can improve the chance of diabetes by greater than 90%.

So how do you up your consumption of vitamin D3?

You will get enough vitamin D3 by standing round for simply 10 minutes or so a day within the noon solar… supplied you solely put on bathing togs (even in winter) and the solar is definitely shining (a rarity the place I reside).

You may additionally get loads of vitamin D by consuming oily fish (tuna, sardines, mackerel and salmon), free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, liver and dairy merchandise. However these meals comprise copious quantities of fat which you want to keep away from if you’re to reverse your diabetes.

For diabetics, subsequently, the easiest way to get ample vitamin D3 is to take a complement. The advisable dosage is eight,000IUs (worldwide items) a day.


The leaves, stems and flesh (however not the skins) of the tropical guava fruit block the digestion of carbohydrates which reduces spikes in blood glucose. Consuming pealed guava additionally makes the event of insulin resistance much less seemingly and helps enhance the blood sugar ranges of diabetics.

If recent guava is offered in your locality you must eat it each day. If not, you may get guava tea made out of dried leaves at your native well being meals retailer or on-line. A cup a day (or extra) is extremely beneficial.


Vanadium is a hint mineral that mimics the motion of insulin.

Vanadium reduces spikes in blood glucose and insulin ranges by serving to to maneuver blood glucose into muscle cells and by inhibiting the absorption of glucose from the intestine.

In a examine described in Uncommon Earths: Forbidden Cures, a e book printed in 1994, diabetics took every day dietary supplements of vanadium… their common blood glucose ranges dropped by 10% in solely three weeks.

You should utilize vanadium by taking it as a complement… 500mcg 3 times a day… however:

Warning: don’t exceed 10mg a day.


Berberine is a plant nutrient discovered within the roots, rhizomes, stems and bark of medicinal herbs resembling barberry, tree turmeric, Oregon grape, goldenseal, yellowroot, Chinese language goldthread, prickly poppy, and Californian poppy.

Within the 1980s, Chinese language docs found that berberine can normalize blood glucose ranges. It does so by reducing insulin resistance, by lowering the manufacturing of sugar within the liver, and by rising the flexibility to breakdown glucose inside cells.

To decrease the degrees of sugar in your blood, you must take a complement… one 500mg capsule with meals two or 3 times a day.