Understanding The Law of Attraction

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Understanding The Law of Attraction

One of the keys to harnessing the power and creativity to live a better life is in understanding the law of attraction.

It is no secret that the universe is made of energy. Scientifically, energy is either negative or positive. The law of attraction basics utilizes these simple facts to explain why and how everything happens to us. We are all just universal matter comprised of atoms that react off of each other. As basic masses of energy, we emit frequencies and send out positive and negative energy into the universe. The energy we send out is what is returned to us. The recent interest in a basic universal theory, or belief, called the law of attraction applies these facts to our actions and thoughts.

The Basics of the Law of Attraction is Not a New Concept

The belief that we can control what we attract into our lives based on the kind of frequency or energy we emit is not a new way of thinking at all. In fact, there have been references to the workings of the law of attraction for thousands of years. The Bible even refers to reaping what you sow and the golden rule of do unto others as wish done onto to you. The entire idea of karma and general belief of what comes around goes around all borrow from the core principles of the law of attraction. Buddha taught “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”


The belief that what we see or imagine can be created as reality was even taught by Albert Einstein. He said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” For a basic idea to have been retained and re-taught over the course of four thousand years and to still inspire people to improve their lives, it must hold an aura of validity.

Law of Attraction Basics

The law of attraction is more than just the idea of sitting back and waiting for what you have sown. You use it in a proactive way to immediately and substantially affect the course of your life. When you release, through visualization or basic action, positive energy, feelings, emotions, or actions, you will get that back in return. You will attract what you put out into the universe.

Similar frequencies and emotions attract and opposites will repel each other. For instance, if approach a new group with a positive frequency, it will be felt and received by other positive people. If you project negativity, the positive members will reject or repel from you. This will only attract other negative minded people. The universe, which runs on energy, responds to the thoughts and actions you send out.

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You can use the law of attraction to attract anything from positive feelings, good health, money, success, peace, love or anything else you wish to bring into your life.

Everything you wish to attain or bring into your life can be yours by being open to it. You have to project a feeling of success to be open to success. To attract happiness, you have to project happiness. You have to send it out into the world in an authentic way also. Trying to shortcut the law of attraction basics will not work. You have to truly believe and feel what you send out will come back to you.

You also have to live what you send out and want in return. A classic example pertains to love. Trying to attract love will not work if you believe you are not worthy of love, you are unlovable, or you are incapable of feeling love. If you live as if you deserve to be loved and send love out, love will undoubtedly come back to you.

Visualization as One of the Law of Attraction Basics

Visualization has been a well known way of utilizing the law of attraction to bring about positive and real change. Psychologists have long taught visualization as a way to bring peace or comfort to those experiencing anxiety. Athletes use visualization to bring victory into their grasp. They see it and believe it; therefore they attract the success they picture as reality.

Your thoughts and the motivation behind them will bring you all you really want if you use the law of attraction basics to send out and receive the positive change you are searching for.

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