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Inside this eBook you will gain a better understanding of the way that a simple diet can change the function of your body. You will learn how the Paleo diet can be used to improve your bones and joint tissue. You will be given a meal plan for 14 days and for 28 days, which, when used, will systematically improve your pain, repair damaged or depleted joint tissue, and improve your lifestyle.In order to learn more about this concept of Gravitational Thinking, it’s important to first learn a little more about gravity itself. The phenomenon of gravity is created by the interconnection of two bodies. While these concepts may be far reaching, they help you understand the amazing force of gravity.This cycle of unhealthy eating does not come cheap; the price we have to pay being our health. The number of chronic illnesses has hit the roof and all these can be attributed to poor eating habits. In this book, we are going to focus on one ancient food practice that was practiced by our forefathers ‘fermentation’ that is not only going to restore our health but also bring back food in the heart of your home.
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