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10 activities that make good hobbies


Hobby is a favorite activity that one might practice in their leisure time. Also, hobby is not a native inclination, but one that has been discovered and developed constantly in order to make you relax and enjoy your time.

Often people who live a quiet life without daily worries are those who have hobbies and invest time to develop their passion. Practicing a hobby generates multiple benefits in a person’s life such as increasing leisure time, concentrating, and reducing stress. These are the main reasons why a hobby is needed more in the case of busy people engaged in multiple activities throughout the day.

Recent studies show that some of our hobbies, in addition to being refreshing and entertaining, also have a great influence on our intelligence. So, despite the general perception that intelligence is an innate quality, you must know that these are just preconceived ideas. Here are some activities that make good hobby and also might have an influence on your intelligence:

  1. Reading books.

Reading is very important way to acquire knowledge about a specific topic, it prepares you for all sorts of situations, and helps you become more productive in your goals. So, reading is the best way to increase the level of your intelligence, and this is especially true if you read about many different topics, from fiction and biographies to anthologies. Reading also reduces stress, helps you experience multiple emotions, and teaches you about many topics.

  1. Playing an instrument

Music stimulates your brain, and this has been proven scientifically. Music has the power to invoke complex emotions and psychological states. Different researchers have shown that both listening to music and playing a specific instrument  might  improve memory and concentration. At the same time, this hobby teaches you how to be patient because learning to play a musical instrument requires time and effort.

  1. Meditation

The most important benefits of meditation are the focus on one’s own self and self-knowledge. When you are being absorbed by meditation, you can reach a different level of existence. Meditation helps you reduce stress and gets rid of all sorts of worries. Regular meditation helps you have full control over yourself  and self-control methods are the supreme point when you work on improving intelligence.

  1. Make new activities all the time to stimulate your brain

Try to do new things all the time, it improves your skills and helps you in training your brain in doing different things. You can train your brain by playing games such as Sudoku, puzzles, soccer games, or riddles. All these activities help the brain to form new connections. At the same time, by doing all  these activities you learn to cope with different situations in a much more creative way, and it develops your ability to see things from multiple perspectives, and become more productive.

  1. Exercising
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A healthy mind in a healthy body! Your brain is like another muscle in your body. Regular exercises help your mind and body to work properly. Sport reduces tension and helps you sleep better. Doctors confirm the fact that better blood circulation in the brain means increased cerebral function. Several experiments on mice and humans have shown that cardiovascular exercise can give rise to new brain cells, which improves brain performance.

  1. Learning a new language

Learning a new language is not always easy, but it certainly has many advantages, and one of them is that it makes you smarter. The process of learning a new language involves tasks such as grammatical analysis and learning new words, things that improve intelligence and brain health.

  1. Put your thoughts on paper / blog !

Writing improves language skills, but also helps you in concentration, creativity, imagination and understanding. Writers are often considered to have a high level of intelligence. You can write in different ways: on paper or to make a blog. However, by writing your thoughts you learn to express yourself much better, and this is an excellent way to stimulate intelligence.

  1. Traveling in new places

The physical and mental efforts you make during your travels relieve you of stress, and the  less stress you get, the better you can concentrate on what you have to do. Each place you visit offers you new things to learn: meet new people, try different meals, contact with different cultures and styles of life, which puts you in touch with ideas you would not have thought of before.

  1. Cooking

Many of us think cooking is a simple waste of time and that is something to be avoided. What you need to know is that those who cook regularly and try different recipes have an increased level of creativity. Every time you cook something, you learn to distract yourself, to do more things at a time, to accurately measure and make quick decisions. With all these skills you acquire, you are certainly more intelligent.

  1. Engage in different sport activities

In addition to reinforcing your muscles, sport has other benefits. Watching sport matches has been associated with improving brain functions, and engaging in sports activities helps improve responsiveness, coordination and self-confidence.

So having one of the above-mentioned hobbies might increase the level of your intelligence. Good luck!

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