Home Health and Wellness Bad habits that can affect your life. How to break them.

Bad habits that can affect your life. How to break them.

Bad habits that can affect your life. How to break them.

Few days ago, I wrote about habits that can make your life better. I hope you are already following some of those advices, and if you are not, you should start.

Now, the time has come, to talk about bad habits that can affect your life. No matter how good of a person you are, you have one or two bad habits . The most important thing is to keep them under control and to be sure you don’t have those kind of bad habits that can affect your life. From time to time it’s ok to eat a snack or to drink a glass of wine, but it’s not ok to exaggerate.
Bad habits can affect your life on a personal level and also on professional level.

6 bad habits that can affect your life

  1. Comfort eating or stress eating

Snacking non-stop or eating without being hungry can be a very bad habit. You want to know why? Because it can lead you to gaining weight and it can cause heart conditions or diabetes.

My advice: try to eat only when you are hungry.

  1. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast in a very unhealthy thing to do. If you make a habit from doing this you’ll miss the most important meal of the day . Skipping it can cause serious problems with blood sugar levels and can slow down your metabolism. Listen to your body and break this habit.

My advice: if you are not a big fan of eating in the morning, try something light

  1. Smoking

You know what they say: smoking is bad for your health. Studies don’t lie, smoking is the cause of a big percent of health problems. This is truly a bad habit that can affect your life. Due to the addiction strength of nicotine , quiting smoking is one of the hardest thing to do, but it’s not impossible.

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My advice: Gradually decrease the number of cigarettes, until you can completely quit

  1. Spending too much time watching tv

It is bad for your eyes, for your memory, for your brain. Also, if you spend too much time watching TV, you won’t have time for doing other productive and healthy things ( eg: exercise).

My advice: set a limit on your TV time

  1. Drinking too much alcohol

If you overdrink too often, alcohol can turn into a poison. Beside the fact it is unhealthy , alcohol abuse can destroy your social life and your family life.

My advice: if you are having issues cutting down alcohol or quitting , contact your doctor or reach out for help to friends and family members.

  1. Frequently being late

This bad habit can affect your life on professional level. Your business partners or those you work for, expect you to be on time to meetings, conferences , events, and of course, the start of your work day.

My advice: make a plan or a schedule every evening, for the next day. Follow it and this way you can stay organized and you can avoid being late. Set alarms, consider traffic and other aspects that can affect your time of arrival.

Among others, these 6 bad habits can affect your life and can sabotage your efforts to live a healthy and successful life.

It’s true that bad habits are hard to break, but if you are organized and ambitious enough, you can succeed and you’ll soon be on your way to a better lifestyle.

How did you manage to break your bad habit/s ? Share your experience with us!

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