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Fighting bat wings?

Fighting bat wings?

Have you ever dealt with fat on your arms, regardless of how much toning you might do, how many exercises you might find that are targeted for this area? Well let me tell you that you are not the only one. Fortunately, nowadays’ fitness offers solutions for any body part so we can pursue all sort of exercises from the comfort of our own home for the areas that we are interested in the most.

You might find this is an interesting piece of news, since we know that fat mostly goes to our buttocks, breasts and tights, but guess what is the next favorite place of fat to explore? That’s right. Your arms!

The truth about arms muscles

You might have wondered why working out arms muscles burns the least of calories and is not emphasized so much. The truth is, arms muscles, the biceps, triceps and forearms are considered to be “glamour muscles”. And since they are so much smaller, you will not note such a progress as you will for instance with your back, leg or chest muscles.

Another sad truth is that the overall body fat counts. Although there are exercises that focus mostly on one body part over another, the truth is that you cannot get rid of fat form one part of your body and leave the rest at rest. In order to see changes, these have to appear in your overall body fat.

What muscles do we have in our arms?

Now that we covered that we cannot focus merely on our arm muscles without dealing with our overall body fat, let’s see what muscle groups we have here. The one that is bound to be the hardest to fight is the triceps. These are located at the back of your arm and known as the pushing muscles. The biceps are the ones where you are bound to note changes faster and they are known as puling muscles. The forearms, as the name suggests it, are located on your forearm. Also, you cannot ignore your deltoids (aka shoulders) in case you want to have strong arms.

  1. Pulling exercises
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Know I know that pulling yourself up a bar is quite out of reach if you are at the beginning of your toning journey. However, for me the resistance bar worked wonders when it came to biceps and also weightlifting. When I say weightlifting I do not mean heavy weight necessarily. A 2 kilos for the beginning is also a great start.

  1. Pushing exercises

These are more focused on your triceps so pay attention since most of your arm fat is located around your triceps. Once again, you can use weights for pushing exercises or even your own body (push-ups). You can also use the cable form your gym for pushdowns. The bench press to the abs exercise for instance is good both for your chest and your triceps.

  1. Grip exercises

My own personal favorite. Once again we have here the pull ups at a bar, wrist curl and extensions focus mostly on the muscles form your forearm.

Just bear in mind that whichever exercises you go for don’t keep doing the same very exercise each and every day or you will miss seeing any effects. So keep combining them and adding new exercises, increasing the level of difficulty and focusing on your overall body as well, not just your arms.

Most of the exercises meant for your arms also focus on your shoulders, back or chest. Certain exercises though isolate the muscle in focus and add to the focus on that category. Also, for a full arm workout do not ignore a full body workout either. You don’t want to have only strong arms and weak legs.


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