How to efficiently and fearlessly break your comfort zone

How to efficiently and fearlessly break your comfort zone

How to efficiently and fearlessly break your comfort zone

We’ve already talked in my previous article about how important stepping outside the comfort zone is. However, the question of how still lies on our lips. If crossing the line between comfort zone and freedom would be so easy, we’d all be enlightened by now and leading a happier and more fulfilled life.

However, change is scarier than comfort, regardless how bad comfort might actually be. So let’s take a look at some practical steps to break this habit and improve!

  1. Don’t create unnecessary routines

We all know routines talk a lot about how organized we are, how efficiently we get things done and how well we keep track of your tasks. However, falling into useless routines is just as easy.

As an example, I got used to always shopping on Saturday. And I saw absolutely no problem with this. I kept doing things this way for quite a while until a friend of mine told me to go somewhere starting with Friday.

And I realized I could not do this because on Saturday I do my shopping. So this had to raise a huge question mark. The same way, try to avoid falling into similar unnecessary situations and mix up your routine as much as it allows.

  1. Don’t take things for granted

As the saying goes, you never know what you have until you lose it. Don’t allow that to happen to your life. Nothing comes for granted.

The fact that you are healthy, that you have a good job, your family is near and you have a bunch of close friends are quite essential things you need to start appreciating.

  1. Let go of that control

And listen to me since I am also a huge control freak. I know how crazy delegating seems and I would never let the job someone else does go without a second check. But you know what? This drives you mad after a while. And you know what a great place for anxiety to cradle in is?

A comfort zone made of control. So let go every once in a while, let go first of smaller things that don’t matter that much and then slowly learn to delegate more important tasks as well.

  1. Find out what you fear and face it

I have been struggling with social anxiety for quite a while now. And I know how hard things can get the moment I can’t even go shopping because it how crippling my anxiety is. However, as my therapist says, face your fear and you will see it’s not that dark as it seems from afar.

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And walking into my regional shop with my anxiety clock going crazy was one of the bravest things I recall doing. And guess what? Now I can hit it whenever I need something, without fearing “what if”.

  1. Be more sociable

Try talking to strangers and see how that goes. By this I do not mean to randomly walk up to people down the street and ask them about their health. But try talking to people from other departments, try reaching out, engaging.

Many times it’s sociability that we lack. And talking to people we don’t know might seem useless but guess what? That’s the way any friendship starts so just cross the line!

  1. Say yes instead of no

Not always, just at least every once in a while. For instance, my friends watch basketball games every month. And they usually ask me to tag along but I am not a huge sports fan. However, once I decided to say yes instead of no and I actually ended up enjoying myself. Even if the events turns out to be worse than expected, hey, at least now you now, you tried it, you learnt.

  1. Make your growth list

You can choose whether to leave your comfort zone randomly or if you have some actual points you’d like to tick along the way. For instance, I loathe and fear public speaking. So I put that down on my list. Next in line is getting over my fear of crowds. Still work in progress but it’s there on my list. So make a list, follow your growth path and tick as much as you like.

Breaking out of the comfort zone is, obviously, not a very comfortable journey. However, it can be extremely rewarding, especially on the long run. I am not saying life will give you no more challenges it’s just that you will be less afraid and better equipped to face them. In case you had any helpful tips that helped you “break the habit”, we’d very much welcome you to share them with us!