What is more important than love in a relationship?

What is more important than love in a relationship?

[stag_dropcap font_size=”50px” style=”squared”]W[/stag_dropcap]hat makes a relationship successful during years? And how can you maintain a good and a healthy environment that will allow your relationship to flourish as the years go by? Relations are not all the same, they are very complex and different one from another.

But on the whole, there are some aspects that should be taken into consideration in a relationship, things that will keep worry and sadness away.

Understanding each other and being empathic is truly the essential connection that we can create to keep our relationship strong. By doing so, we can adjust ourselves in such a way that will fulfill our partner’s needs. Empathy will grow trust between partners and will help them overpass difficult challenges that might come at a certain point in life.

Can we learn to be emphatic? Usually, empathy comes from within, it is something that defines your inner beauty, and by putting yourself in your partner’s shoes you might get to see life through his perspective.

Communication is also one important aspect that definitely builds an emotional glue between partners. Communicating with your partner more than words can express is a key to a successful relationship. Communication might be way more important than love in a relationship since it leads you both to fixing problems much better, expressing your needs and fears.

So, communication is basically all.

Feelings are so important! How we really feel in our relation indicates if we are on the right path or not. Feelings of happiness, safety, protection, contentedness with your partner,  makes you feel at ease and open towards your relation.

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So, go deep inside your heart and check whether such feelings define your relation.

Stop being egocentric! When being engaged in a relationship you are no longer “one”, there are “two” in this circle, and in order to maintain peace and harmony, you need to leave away bad habits, such as self-centeredness, one of the reasons that lead to breakups nowadays.  Slowly, you need to put more effort into getting rid of egocentrism and focus on working for the two of you.

Loyalty in some cases is  also more important than love in a relationship. What should we do to be loyal to our partner? Generally said, one should keep away from temptation. Well, this is not all. Loyalty comes from your heart and from a deep feeling of attachment of the person you are in a commitment with. 

Physical attraction,  loving to spend the time together with your partner and being proud of every achievement your partner has, will build a very strong bound between partners.  In these circumstances, loyalty will come by default, with no need of forcing oneself into this.

We need to emphasize the fact that love itself can not stand alone for the success of a relation. As mentioned above, other things are more important than love in a relationship. Pay close attention to all these ingredients that create your relationship when evaluating the state of it.