Lottery and its hidden faces

Lottery and its hidden faces

Lottery and its hidden faces

Interested in lottery or at least curious about it? Well, you are not the only one. We say that there is this huge hype around American lottery so we decided to take a deeper look at it. Hence, we came across some tips and tricks and some facts that we found interesting.

Let’s share them:

1. Lottery is the most profitable form of entertainment

According to statistics[i], we spend more money on lottery than on any other form of entertainment. It seems that over $70.1 billion are spent on lottery, whereas only $63 billion on sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets and recorded music, all put together.

2. Most winners are doing it wrong

What do I mean by that? When people, who are in general not great winners (not having huge wages and so on) get to have a great amount of money, usually they begins pending on all sort of expensive things they would normally not afford. Also, another problem that the winners seem to be facing is that they become far too generous with their closest relatives and end up spending all their earnings on other people. A kind heart, an empty wallet it seems.

3. Playing the lottery is for the poor

I know at first sight it may seem that only the rich can afford to partake in such a game, given the costs. However, despite expectations, it seems that the most tickets are bought in the poorest countries. This might be explained by the fact that in the poorest countries the hopes of becoming rich through hard work is almost impossible so people try to opt for these kind of methods in the hope of becoming instantly rich.

4. Miracles do happen

I know this is something you probably stopped believing long ago but listen to this. There are several stories (real stories) behind certain lottery wins that will make your heart beat again.

For instance, a bartender has been left two lottery tickets as a tip. And one of time proved to be a winner. And not just a winner but a winner of $17.500! After the win he tried returning the ticket to the owner but, like a real gentleman, the ticket was left for the bartender.

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Another great success story (still with a waitress) was that when a cop, instead of offering a tip, told the waitress he will split the lottery ticket with her. However, the plot thickens the moment he finds out the ticket was a winner of $6 million dollars. So that left the waitress with half of it. Not a bad tip, I’d say.

My personal favorite miracle story is that of Richard Lustig from Orlando. You might think it’s not possible to even win once at lottery but this guy has proven us all wrong. He won not once but a dozen of times.

Richard Lustig

What I personally love about this story is that instead of just keeping it all to himself and calling his multiple winnings a miracle, he developed a system. A system that can gives others an insight as well on what the logic behind lottery winnings really is. You can check this out at his official site, here.

5. Your ticket are to be checked, please

In case you were wondering whether anyone checks the tickets, it does. In fact there is a group of people designated to check the winner tickets. So you can’t get away with just claiming that you won. A bunch of people will be sent over to your house to actually check the validity of your ticket.

So, as a tiny conclusion, I did not want to create this article to convince you to get into lottery. I just thought it might be useful to have a bit of an insight about how lottery really functions, what is real and what is not, and in case you really want to devote time and money on this hobby, what the best approach is.

I am curious to see what you think of this and whether lottery is something you would be interested in trying!

Richard Lustig