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10 ways to get energy and have a positive mindset

10 ways to get energy and have a positive mindset

Think of yourself as a magnet. If you have positive thoughts, feelings and vibration, you get energy and you will attract other positive things to you. When you dwell on the negative things around you, you will attract more negativity.

If you want to get energy and to attract health, wellness and vitality into yourself, you need to have a positive mindset and stop circulating and recirculating toxic and negative thoughts and feelings.

10 ways to have a positive mindset and to reduce daily stress

  • Love yourself and accept who you are right to know: make a list with your qualities and add to it every single day

Eg: I am the most empathic person I know

  • Don’t feel bad for your past, just learn from it. Free yourself from self-blame and guilt. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Tell positive things every morning, and you’ll get energy!

Eg: I am not the person I was. I am a new and improved version of myself.

  • Let go all of your resentments about everyone and everything else. Don’t criticize anymore, stop blaming people. If you want to control others, just stop!

Eg: If your child did something wrong, don’t argue with him/her. Try to explain nicely and offer help the next time he/her wants to try again.

  • Stop giving your power away! Get energy and use it wisely! Maintain a positive mindset and recharge your batteries.
  • Use imagination and creativity to your advantage. Don’t picture in your mind worst case scenarios, visualize things the way yo want them to turn out.

Eg: If you have a hard task to complete, take your motivation from thinking about the satisfaction you’ll have after you finish it.

  • Remove your attention from diseases. A positive state of mind could have healing proprieties, so try not to dwell on illness.
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Eg: If you have a cold, don’t spend your time complaining. Instead, start thinking about what makes you feel good.

  • Love! Love yourself!Love others! Love your life! Love is the antidote to any bad thing, so if you start loving everything around you, you are already beginning to flow in a healing bath.

Eg: From time to time express your feelings for your loved ones and take your time to be grateful for the good things in your life

  • Accept that you have the power to heal yourself! Get energy and allow positive thoughts to cross your mind.

Eg: If you are having a hard time, remember that everything has a solution and you’ll find the way to it if you have a clear mind.

  • Live the moment! Make happiness your number one priority by focusing on the present time. Past can’t be changed and the future is not here yet.

Eg: If you are at a party, enjoy the moment, don’t think about what you have to do at work tomorrow!

  • Laugh! Laugh again! And again! If nothing seems funny around you, recall memories that made you laugh. Once you access the joy within, let it expand in your entire being.


Now, what do you say? Is it hard to remember these strategies and apply them every day of your life? We don’t think so.

Keep in mind: if you succeed to master your thoughts, you succeed to master your life!

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