Daily Weight-loss Secrets

Daily Weight-loss Secrets

Daily Weight-loss Secrets

Losing weight can be one heck of a pain if you have crossed the point where it was easy for you to resist food and actually get up to get some exercise. But this probably won’t motivate you any further to lose weight than the treacle tart in your fridge will. So here’s a secret that will help you feel a little positive about getting rid of the extra weight you have gained in the past few months.

You can lose weight gradually by incorporating very easy-to-do tips in your daily life and achieve that dream of pulling that teenager look again. So without any further ado, let’s learn those blessed tips.

Wake-up exercise

Every-day when you wake up, your first thought probably turns to the coffee and toast makers. But, by changing the routine a tiny bit, you can easily start your day by losing calories. The moment you open your eyes in the morning, make it a habit to exercise.

You can do so by stretching your hands and try touching your toes without bending your knees. At first, your hands may not go even half way, but keep doing it, and eventually, you’ll be touching your toes, because that blob of fat will be wearing of slowly and gradually. You might even fall upright after your exercise routine and may skip your cup of coffee, saving you from the sugar you mix in it!

Add protein to your diet

While we are on the topic of losing weight, you may think that talking about eating might sound silly, but this is no ordinary tip. If you actually add protein-rich food to your diet, you will end up eating less and losing weight faster.

Protein actually makes you feel full and leaves you with more energy, thus you won’t feel like eating after every half-an-hour. Eggs and mozzarella cheese are a good source of proteins, so consider adding them to your breakfast, and you’ll be eating few of those hamburgers as the day wears on.

Spice up the food

Hah, another food tip. But as before, this tip will help you eat less than you already do. Spice up your food to make sure that you stop over-eating because when your food is spicy, it slows the speed at which you can gobble your food.

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When you eat slowly, your body can signal you when it is full, which then stops you from eating beyond that point. So spice it up, and lose weight while you enjoy your favorite dish! Moreover, certain spices help kick your metabolism into gear and help you lose weight.


No, we are not talking about the iPhone-making company in California. It’s the actual fruit we’re talking about. You might want to start eating apples every day, because according to a research, people who eat at least three apples a day tend to lose weight more quickly. Actually, the fruit has a lot of fiber and water, and again, it keeps you feeling full and makes you desire less food. So punch your daily snack with a few apples instead of the oversized pack of Lays or Oreo cookies.

Take the stairs

Let’s say you have an elevator in your apartment building, or an escalator on the ground floor, that takes you up to the first floor where you take another elevator to reach your office on the 3rd floor. See what is wrong here? Everything is designed to stop you from expending any energy. It may seem arduous at first but start taking the stairs from now. When you start doing it every day, you will gain stamina and you will be burning those calories like anything.

So we promised you tips that won’t be hard for you to incorporate in your life, and we know we delivered! Best thing is it won’t cost you anything extra, and neither will it make you change your routine. So start using these tips from today, and your fat will disappear faster than the food on your plate used to.