Dance Your Way Towards A Better Body

Dance Your Way Towards A Better Body

Dance Your Way Towards A Better Body

Time to put on your blue suede shoes and dance the night (or day) away! When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it is not about going to the gym endlessly, it is about finding activities that you love to do. So if you prefer dancing instead of going to the gym? Well put on your dancing shoes, pep in your step, and groove! Most dancers develop incredible physiques (if they practice dancing consistently). This high-intense form of aerobics will boost your metabolism, your improve endurance, burn a ton of calories. With the popularity of Zumba and other dance styles, more people are starting to realize how effective (and fun) dancing can be for their physiques.

Here are 3 dance-styles that will help burn up a ton of calories:

  1. Zumba

Zumba is the most popular dance that is sweeping the world to with approximately over 14 million people participating in a class per week in over 185 different countries. Led by a licensed Zumba instructor, the sessions usually last about 1 hour. The music participants of Zumba workout to come from some of the following dance styles: salsa, tango, mambo, soca, flamenco, reggaeton, samba, cumbia, axé music and hip hop music. In addition, there are 8 diverse Zumba classes ranging from elderly training to kids training. Zumba is recommended if you prefer a variety of dance styles to groove to!

  1. Ballroom Dancing
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Going from the current most popular dance to the most traditional, ballroom dancing remains a popular form of dancing. Back in the day, ballroom dance was reserved only for wealthy people. Today, given the countless shows, television shows (e.g. Dancing with the Stars) and competitions worldwide that is dedicated to this dance, the popularity of ballroom dance is evident. This style of dancing with a partner began in Germany; but is now a popular form of entertainment incorporating a wide-ranging dance styles. Ballroom dancing is perfect if you and your significant other would like to have a romantic date dancing the calories away!

  1. Salsa

Speaking of romantic dates involving dancing, Salsa dancing is perfect if you both want to turn up the heat! Based from the roots of Latin America, particularly in Cuba and Puerto Rico culture, salsa actually began in New York in the mid-1970s. This partner dance is very sensual in nature. The dance steps show many influences from other dances such as the Changui, Rumba, Mambo, Palo, etc. There are several other forms of salsa such as the Cuban style, Colombian style, New York style, and the Los Angeles style that you (and your partner) can try to ignite your metabolism(s)!

You know the dances. Now go out there and dance off those pounds!