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Exercises for Inner Ear Problems

Exercises for Inner Ear Problems

Even though most people do not realize it, inner ear problems can hamper their quality of life. It can not only affect your balance and vision, but also your mood. This disorder can be contracted from a head injury or something as simple as a cold. However, this does not necessarily mean you are left out to dry. There are many ways you can go about overcoming inner ear problems. But in most cases, a specialist will recommend you to integrate a series of exercises into your workout routine. If you too are suffering from inner ear problems, here are some exercises that will help you overcome your problem in no time:

Eye Exercises

Many people are not aware that the eyes are a part of the vestibular system. This system is responsible for controlling your balance. Since the eyes are a part of this system, it works closely with your inner ear to stabilize and maintain your field of vision whenever you start walking. Those who suffer from inner ear problems thus have their sight affected as well. These individuals usually find it difficult to lock their eyes on a specific object or experience blurry vision.

Walking Exercises

There is no denying that walking can be an excruciating task when you are suffering inner ear problems. Most individuals experience vertigo, making the whole ordeal even tougher than it already is. But this does not mean you have no means of overcoming this problem. You need to focus on exercises that primarily focus on walking. You can start with something as simple as walking and stopping short. It is the perfect way by which you can strengthen and enhance your vestibular system. This ensures you can walk without falling, but it is a good idea to have a railing support or helper to provide support.

The Brandt Maneuver

The routine incorporates a series of movement exercises that aid in rehabilitating the vestibular system. The therapy is not only effective but it gradually enhances coordination and allows affected individuals to overcome feelings of dizziness and nausea. This exercise routine is simple. You need to sit up straight in bed or on any other surface may prefer. But it has to be as big as your full body length. Moving on, plant your feet on the floor.

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Then, move your head in a position where the chin is over your shoulder. During this exercise, you have to focus on one particular object. While you are looking at that particular object, lie down quickly on the same side as the shoulder you were looking over. Lay still for 30 seconds, or until you stop feeling nauseous. The same action has to be repeated over the other shoulder till the feeling of discomfort eventually fades away.

Balance Exercises

Even though many people have head of the term ‘Vertigo’, they are not exactly sure what it is all about. The term is used to describe a feeling of uneasiness as you feel the entire surrounding around you spinning out of control. It may seem no different than dizziness but it is quite different. Vertigo does not always deliver the same lightheadedness which is expected when you are feeling dizzy.

Inner ear problems are a menace to deal with, but then again they are not untreatable. A little bit of determination can go a long way for you, if you are up for the challenge. Even though the exercises are quite difficult, they will help you overcome your problem with ease and without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on healthcare services. However, if things are still not going your way, you may have to consult a specialist for a viable solution.

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