You feel like 24 hours in a day aren’t enough for you? You have no time to spend, no time to unwind? There is a solution to that and it’s called organization. It may not seems much, but starting to organize yourself will definitely improve your life. Start by organizing your home.

Tips to arrange your home

Find out how to finally organize your home:

Repair your squeaks!

Does your entry door whine or squeak everytime it is opened? The entry door in an essential aspect, because it is the first and the last thing you encounter when coming or going from your house. The sound it can make if it’s not properly fixed is disturbing and it can affect your mood. You may get used to the sound or you won’t notice it, but you have to oil that door hinge, in order to eliminate the negative energy when you enter and leave your house.

Take care of the things you have to do in the evenings and mornings

Prepare everything you need for the next day, the night before. Place your bag and keys in a special area, so you can find them easily. Decide the breakfast menu the night before. Set your alarm clock 10-15 minutes ahead, just to be sure.

Organize your bathrooms

Don’t keep anymore the old and unused objects in your bathrooms. Place your accessories on a special place. Place your shampoos, soaps, conditioners and body lotions in shower caddies. Install hooks on the walls for your towels and bath robes. Your makeups should be organized in drawers. Put a clock in each and every bathroom so there can’t be any excuse for being late.

Organize your closet

Sort your clothes, sell or donate everything you don’t wear anymore. Arrange your clothes by season and by purpose: work clothes, casual clothes, formal clothes. Use a shoe rack to keep shoes arranged. Install hooks to hang up hats and handbags.  Store items you want to keep in vacuum-sealed plastic bags.

Put your kitchen in order

Put the plates on one shelf, the glasses on another and so on. Don’t store your cooking gadgets on the counter, put them in your pantry. Always keep your refrigerator clean. Reuse the plastic grocery bags.

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Take care of your kid’s room

First of all, buy your kid an alarm clock, in order to teach him/her how to wake up on time and be responsible. Put a bookshelf in the room and help your kid to organize the books. Do the same thing with the toys.

Organize your home office

Assign the documents by folders. Get every paper out and toss what is no longer needed. Take out items that don’t belong in this area.  Put small things in drawers.

What else can you do around your house, in order to improve your lifestyle?

  • Use jewelry boxes
  • Use a tissue box to keep plastic grocery bags
  • Start using wasted space
  • Store items you don’t use under the bad
  • Maximize wall space

5 benefits if you arrange your house

  • What you find inside, you find on the outside too: your house is an extension of yourself. The act of cleaning and organizing your house can be seen as an internal purification, and it can make you feel better about yourself. An organized and clean space will give you clarity and stability.
  • You can get rid of useless stuff: Part of the process of cleaning is throwing stuff you no longer need. This can also clean your mind.
  • You’ll achieve a better level of focus: you can’t focus in a cluttered environment, you can’t work surrounded by unorganized stuff. An organized house usually means reduced distractions.
  • You’ll become socially available: you won’t be stressed by potential guests anymore.
  • It just feels very good: Organizing your house is actually the easiest way to improve your mood and cheer yourself up.


When you decide to make changes in your house, you should be careful while:

  • Moving furniture objects. Ask someone to help you, doing this kind of things by yourself can be a little dangerous.
  • Organizing your things, keep in mind fire hazards and do not block your exit path.

What is the first measure you take when you want to arrange your home and improve your lifestyle?