Home Software Keeping up with laptop’s keyboard, along with other aspects of laptop repair

Keeping up with laptop’s keyboard, along with other aspects of laptop repair

Keeping up with laptop’s keyboard, along with other aspects of laptop repair

Some aspects of laptop repair can be quite simple. Maintaining your laptop’s keyboard often includes simply being able to stick back keys that will come loose from it. This, by itself is not very hard to do. However, this is only the most basic level of laptop maintenance.

What do you do when something goes wrong with your laptop’s keyboard in a higher priority manner? In an HP laptop, for instance, you may desire to replace your keyboard if it loses a lot of functionality.

Laptop repair of this sort isn’t at all a fancy process. The first step, obviously, is to switch off the power to your laptop. Now, turn the laptop over, release the battery, and take away the battery from the laptop. Most batteries have a simple clip release, but some batteries actually have screws holding them in place.

If this is the system on your laptop, simply unscrew these screws, and you’re ready to go. In this way you will expose that portion of the inside of your laptop that contains the RAM. This part will usually has a cover over it, which might have two or more screws to hold it in position. Simply remove these screws and lift off the cover.

Now take off other screws that hold your keyboard in position. When all the retaining screws of the keyboard have been released, use a flat screw driver to lift the laptop keyboard out of the laptop. Remember not to pull it completely out of the laptop.

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There is a very short cable connecting the keyboard to the laptop and if you pull it out all the way, this cable might be badly damaged. Underneath the keyboard, you will see a connector.

You’ll need to release this connector to release the cable. Once the cable is released, you can remove the keyboard completely.

After this point, replacing the keyboard is very easy. All you have to do is reverse the last steps. Start with attaching the cable of the new keyboard to the connector. Then slowly put the new keyboard into position and gently slide it into place. After this, reattach the retaining screws behind the keyboard.

Swap out the different components in the same order in which you removed them, ending by placing the battery back in position. That’s all that it takes to replace a keyboard. Basically, it’s a job that anyone with a basic level of technical skill can do. If you are able to perform job of this nature yourself, you will save yourself a good amount of cash on laptop repair.

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