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War strategies that will help you live a good life

War strategies that will help you live a good life

I want to help you by presenting some war strategies that you can use to fight life’s battles, based on the book “The 33 Strategies of War”, by best-selling author Robert Green.

It seems that a lot of war strategies can be used to win the social game of everyday life.

In our presentation, the first strategies are explaining how to get your head in the game. The next ones are about making the most of your team because ideas and plans mean nothing if you don’t have motivated and organized people around you. After that, we will show you some strategies practiced by the most successful captains in history. Because there is complex psychology involved in every dirty warfare, we will also help you to understand how you can be armed with a proper defense.

Here are the strategies that will make you succeed in life:

  1. The polarity strategy: declare war on your enemies.
    You should know by now that life is a battle and, in order to fight right, you have to identify your enemies. Learn to observe them by the signs. After you know who they are, declare the war.
  2. The guerilla war of the mind strategy: do not fight the past
    It’s never a good idea to constantly look back. It’s better to react to the present, in order to make everything fluid and mobile.
  3. The counterbalance strategy: amidst the turmoil of events, do not lose your presence of mind.
    It’s very important to be a rational person, to maintain your mental powers and your presence of mind, whatever the circumstances.
  4. The death ground strategy: create a sense of urgency and desperation
    You must see yourself as your own enemy. Place yourself on a “death ground”, keep your back against the wall and fight to get out well.
  5. The command and control strategy: avoid the snares of groupthink
    When you are leading a group, people are inevitably having their own agendas and opinions and you have yo create a sense of participation, in which they do not feel intimidated by your influence, yet follow your lead.
  6. Morale Strategy: transform your war into a crusade
    The secret to maintaining people’s morale is to get them to think more about the group and less about themselves. Involved them in group activities and make them see the success of the army.
  7.  Grand strategy: lose battles but win the war
    This strategy requires that you focus on your ultimate goal and do the best you can to reach it. The grand strategy will give you the ultimate reward: the last laugh
  8.  The intelligence strategy: know your enemy
    The target of your strategy should be the mind who runs whatever situation you are facing. Learn how to read people, because if you understand how that mind works you can control it.
  9.  The forcing strategy: control the dynamic
    Make your play for control more clever and insidious and you’ll see how to constantly control people and their minds, by pushing their buttons.
  10. The center of gravity strategy: hit them where it hurts
    When you see your enemies, look inside them and find the center of gravity that holds the entire structure together. Hitting them there will cause much pain and that’s why you must strike there.
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There a lot of other strategies of war that will help you win everything in life, but you have to educate yourself in order to succeed following all of the above. Events in life mean nothing if you do not reflect on them in a deep way, and ideas from books and articles are pointless if they have no application to life as you live it, so now it’s the time to begin improving your life, even if you start with baby steps.

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