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Why should you invest in travelling?

Why should you invest in travelling?

It is said that we don’t only live to pay bills and die. However, besides paying the necessary bills, what do we do with the money?

Buy fancy clothes, buy a new car, and invest in some hobbies? I think everyone has his or her own priorities and everyone decides for himself what lies at the top of the list.

And if we think of it, each investment has a certain value, whether it’s an object or an experience. The question is, is there a real reason why it’s worth investing in travelling?

Let’s take a look together at some of the most essential reasons why travelling is the best investment you could make:

  1. Broaden your perspectives

We all love sitting in our comfort zone, that’s why it’s called a comfort zone to begin with. However, in such a place there is no room for growth.

Also, just think about the fact that if we never leave our hometown or our country, we will never be able to notice how other people live. We will never learn about others and their way of doing things.

Hence we are bound to believe that our way of dealing with problems, our way of dealing with relationship, business and social aspects is the right way.

But shouldn’t we question this? Shouldn’t we see more in order to have a valid point of view? In order to be able to understand other points of view as well?

  1. Disconnect and live in the “now”

How many times have you experienced the feeling of just wishing to let everything go and relax for a moment? We can do this in our everyday life as well, obviously, through practicing meditation, yoga and such. However, the length of the experience is much longer and much stronger when we travel. We earn to see beautiful small things that otherwise we don’t take into account while at home. We learn to appreciate the small things that happen to us. An accidental bus trip that took us to the best place from the city, a stranger that tells us foreigners are so beautiful and much more.

  1. You learn about what truly matters
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We all want things, objects, it’s quite natural. We all want a better car, a bigger house, more money to be able to buy them so that we can want new things.

It’s a vicious circle we are in. and I am not preaching that these are not important. However, we have to be aware of other “things” that can be just as essential.

For instance, experiences, memories. When you are 60 looking back at your life chances are you will not look back thinking “remember that day we bought that fancy new car?” but rather “remember that day we got lost in Sicily and got to that awesome vineyard?”.

  1. New ways of dealing with issues

Here you can encapsulate basically everything. You can see how other people deal with problems, how they find solutions and many times you can come back with new points of view for solving problems.

On the other hand, you might find yourself in unexpected situations when you have to figure something out, on the spot. And this might bring out a side of you that you didn’t even know existed.

All in all, travelling will unravel new places for you, new experiences but most importantly, it will unravel your true self that has been hiding for so long in the comfort zone. Maybe you can discover new sides of yourself, you will learn to know yourself better and improve your perception on many things.

Investing in travelling is never a waste of money. On the contrary, it’s like investing in a different kind of course, it’s more than reading a self- knowledge book. It’s actually experiencing self-knowledge.

Let us know what travelling did to you and what experiences it added to your plate. I am curious to see if you have anything new to add or which of the above points you agree with the most!

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