17 tips & tricks for an organized healthy life

17 tips & tricks for an organized healthy life

17 tips & tricks for an organized healthy life

In order to organize your life, you need to have and get used to healthy habits, because these days life can be so hectic like everything is happening all at once. Staying organized make life easier in the long run.

Important habits to keep your life in order

1. Write things down

Remembering things won’t help you organize and live a healthy life. You should try writing everything down: birthdays, meetings, to-do lists, shopping lists, people’s names etc.

2. Don’t procrastinate

If you want your life to be less stressful, organize as soon as possible, because the longer you wait to do something, the more difficult it will get. If you can get something done right now, then just do it.

3. Declutter regularly

Things don’t simply stay organized, everything needs to be reorganized consistently and continuously. Find the time once in a few days to organize.

4. Know where to discard items

Less stuff means less clutter and if you don’t need it anymore, then throw it, donate it or sell it.

5. Delegate responsibilities

A healthy life is not full of responsibilities. Go through your to-do list and find the task that you can delegate to someone else.

6. Make schedules and deadlines

Don’t waste time, organized people don’t do that. Keeping your tasks and your stuff organized, will make you more productive. Try to keep a schedule for every day and every week, make deadlines, and set goals. Do that and do what’s more important: stick tot hem!

7. Give everything a home

Keep your things in their places, store them properly, and label storage spaces.

8. Keep only the things you need

Keep only what you need and what you really want. Having fewer things will make you appreciate your possessions more.

9. Stay away from bargains

When you go shopping, first make a plan and write down exactly what things you need to buy. Don’t be impressed by advertising, or sales because if you do that you’ll be shopping for unimportant things.

10. Work hard

Staying organized and living a healthy life is not all a breeze. You also have to work hard and put some effort into important aspects and you will enjoy your clutter-free life.

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11. Make back-ups of everything

Probably you have back-ups for your computer files but you need to do more: duplicate your home and car keys, make copies of your ID, passport and bank documents, birth certificates, insurance, and land titles.

12. Clean up regularly

15 to 30 minutes a day is enough and it is necessary.

13. Get a money management app for your device

Don’t overspend your money and don’t rely on your credit cards. In order to take better care of your money, get a money management app. Use it to record your bills and other expenses. This way you’ll always know exactly how much money you’ve spent, where your money goes, and how you can cut back.

14. Create a centralized family or work information center

In order to keep up with schedules and tasks, you have to coordinate with your co-workers and with your family. Make a calendar or use a synchronized calendar app, that everyone can use and see, because this way you’ll be avoiding conflicting schedules and you’ll be keeping everyone informed.

15. Make plans for weekends

Don’t let the weekend be boring. Don’t waste your free time and used it to do interesting activities by yourself, or with your friends and family.

16. Do one thing at a time

This is the right way to complete your tasks because it helps you bring more attention to your work, it helps you get more done in less time and you don’t have to spread your time, attention, and energy across many things at once.

17. Consider your social network

You have a fundamental need for a positive and lasting relationship, so you have to check how strong are your connections with your family and your friends.

The advice above should inspire you and convince you to start living a healthy life.

If the decision is made, just remember that you can’t transform and completely organize your life in a day. Be patient because it’s a never-ending process, made with baby steps. At some point, you will be making a habit out of it all.