Are You Motivated To Workout?

Are You Motivated To Workout?

Are You Motivated To Workout?

Now that 2014 is about to end, how is your “I’m about to get a six-pack or flat stomach at all cost” New Year’s resolution went? If not good, then you’re not alone. According to statistics, only 38% of people accomplish their fitness goal. In other words, 62%, of people fail to realize their fitness potential. So they are all losers, right? Well not quite! While some people just can’t accomplish any goal they claim to desire (i.e., those are losers), others are just a little misguided. In this article, I want to talk to the latter group of people.  Below are 3 simple “yes or no” questions that will determine why you are having issues upgrading your physique. Please be honest when answering them. Besides, you can’t lie to yourself.

  1. Is someone else making you lose weight/get fit?

If you answered yes, then that partly explains why you are having issues committing to losing weight. Regardless if it is a doctor who is that someone telling you to lose weight because you have pre-diabetes, it should be your decision to lose weight. When it comes to losing weight in order to live a healthy lifestyle, like being on a team, you have to make a commitment to win. You have to consistently train and maintain a low-calorie diet. Nonetheless, by having someone else make the decision for you to become healthier, it is 10x harder to follow these 2 simple steps. So what can you do about this? Simply make the decision for you to lose weight! So if it is today, then it is today. If it is in 2 weeks, then it is 2 weeks. If it is 2 years, then it is 2 years. But remember this point? Time waits for no man or woman. You are not promise tomorrow so why not start today? Regardless of your status in life, when it comes to upgrading your physique, you have to earn it while you still have time. There are no shortcuts to get a successful body; Just, a straight, narrow road. But first and foremost, you have to make the decision to drive down that road.

  1. Is your reason for getting fit is because you want to look like your favorite celebrity?
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If you answered yes, then you will to be disappointed to know that your physique will NEVER resemble your favorite celebrity due to genetics. You may have already been aware of that; thus, why you are having trouble staying motivated. For your information, a lot of Hollywood actors and actresses go to drastic measures (e.g. working out 3 hours every day for several months) to get in shape. If you are serious about getting and maintaining a great body, then their method is not an option. Instead, embrace the genetics that your parents gave you and patiently work towards getting in shape through healthy lifestyle changes.

  1. Do you want to get in shape as bad as you want to live?

Before answering this question, like I said earlier, please be honest because it’s impossible to lie yourself.  If you answered yes to either of the first 2 questions, then this answer is no. Again, your purpose for working out should not be because of outside influences. Like getting that next paycheck, you have to develop the feeling that you need to work out in order to survive. Everybody who has went from fat to fit and maintained their physiques ever since developed that same mindset. Until you get that type of drive to get in shape, you will never reach your full bodily potential. Besides, it’s possible you won’t be living long if you don’t start taking care of your body.

Hope you honestly answered each of these 3 questions to realize why you are unmotivated to get in shape. It won’t happen overnight but you got the right to start changing today.