Home Fashion Do clothes speak louder than words?

Do clothes speak louder than words?

Do clothes speak louder than words?

Have you ever wondered whether the clothes you pick in the morning say something about you or your personality? Because they sure do! You might think that you pick that blouse randomly from your closet and add a blazer to it but it means nothing. Well, let me break it to you: it does!

My main question was whether clothes reflect our personality and reveal something about ourselves, as people, something at a deeper level? And also, does clothing still matter? Do we judge people based on the way they dress or we manage to get pass this superficial level?

1. First impression does count

I always despised this idea that the first impression matters so much and sticks with us. But unfortunately, it seems to be true. And what can we spot within a first glance about someone? Their overall look, hair, make-up, clothes and shoes. And since clothing occupies the biggest part, in the end whether we like it or not, we are judged based on the clothes we choose.

2. Do we use clothes as a weapon?

We seem to be doing so. Think about famous logos and brands. Now think about the people that these logos matter to. In the end we might end up being part of a “brand battle” rather than a personality one. Affording certain brands also reflects our financial status and some believe that showing up flashing a famous logo on your suite will instantly gain more respect.

3. “Just dress up to feel better”

How many times did friends come around telling you to just dress up and go out because the mere fact of choosing clothes and putting some make up on will make you feel better after some break up or heartbreak?

4. Do colors also speak?

Oh yes there is a huge psychological reasoning behind the colors you prefer for your clothing. For instance, if you go often for blue shades, you should be aware that this has calming effects, it stands for loyalty, peace and confidence. Red we all know that stands for passion (so maybe don’t overdo your reds in the office).

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Yellow can help you focus, however if you wear too much yellow, it has the exact opposite effect. Green, once again, another calming and comforting color that emanates serenity. Black stands for luxury and classics, just think about the well-known “little black dress”.

5. The style

The style of the outfits you choose says the most about you. If you take a look in your closet what do you see as a predominant? Sporty, gym clothes? Floral dresses? Blue jeans and plain shirts? Do you always keep up with the latest trends and whenever you enter a room all eyes turn towards you? These all say something about who you really are, even if you might find it hard to believe.

Furthermore, studies have shown that employers from a corporate environment prefer candidates that look the least provocative (for instance, button up your shirt entirely and choose a skirt that goes beyond your knees). However, employers from a more casual environment, for a waitress job for instance, didn’t pay so much attention to the clothing their candidates chose.

Clothes don’t only speak about you but to you as well. In a very intriguing study the candidates were offered a white robe and half of them were told they perform a doctor’s job and the other half that they are painters. And guess what the end result was? The ones told to be doctors did a more precise job and paid more attention to details. So out outfit does influence us to a very deep psychological level.

Tell us about your experiences with clothing. Have you ever been discriminated or looked down on because of your outfit choice? Or exactly the opposite, did you feel that people valued your outfit more than your personality?

Tell us about how you feel that your choice of clothing affects you on a daily basis. We are looking forward to hearing all your ideas in the comments’ section!

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