Keep Diabetes at Bay

Keep Diabetes at Bay

Keep Diabetes at Bay

Our body uses glucose for energy. This is the sole reason why blood sugar levels need to be in a particular range. Any higher or lower than this level can cause problems. A condition with unbalanced glucose levels is known as diabetes.

Insulin is produced by our pancreas to help the body transfer extra glucose in our blood to our storage cells. When the glucose levels in our blood decrease, this stored sugar is released to balance the glucose level in our blood. The entire system is based on an intricate balance. This balance can be lost if the pancreas is unable to create insulin.

When insulin is not released the blood glucose remains in the blood and travels around the body and is deposited in organs which create further problems.

There are two types of diabetes known as Type 1 and 2 diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is attacked by our immune system and the pancreas is unable to create insulin. This type of diabetes usually develops at an early age.

The second type of diabetes happens more gradually and takes years before it becomes a serious problem. Although the first type of diabetes cannot be avoided, as it is an autoimmune disorder, the second can be prevented through care. 90% of diabetics could have been avoided the disease through care. Here are some steps that you can take to prevent diabetes Type 2.

Make Sure Your Weight is in the healthy BMI range

Being overweight increases the chances of developing diabetes. Simply by reducing your weight and making sure it is within the healthy BMI range, you can keep diabetes at bay. As losing weight requires that you curb your intake of sugar laden foods, the pressure on your pancreas decreases considerably. Constantly consuming sweet foods requires your pancreas to go into overdrive, which increases the strain and may be the cause behind their becoming less functional.

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Increase Physical Activity

By getting up and moving, even for 30 minutes every day, you can make your muscles stronger, and thus improve their ability to use glucose. This decreases the strain on the pancreas and keeps it working optimally. Being a couch potato increases your risk of developing diabetes, even more so if you are constantly munching while sitting down.

Healthy Food Choices

Your food choices say a lot about your internal environment. Our body, its organs and components are only as strong as the fuel we provide it. By providing our body healthy and unprocessed food, we provide it with the essential nutrients for optimum performance.

Imagine the performance of a car and the condition of its components. If you are unable to provide it with premium quality fuel as well as the maintenance it requires, its performance will degrade. As such, choose whole grain foods and keep away from processed food.

The fiber content in whole grains releases their glucose gradually, which does not put strain on our pancreas to create a lot of insulin. Products that have a very high glycemic index spikes blood sugar levels every time we consume them. As such, avoid them.

Completely avoid sugary beverages and sodas as they contain plenty of sugar. Additionally, increase the amount of good fats in your diet while reducing the bad fats to a minimal. The good fats help protect your body against diabetes.

Finally, limit red meat as well as processed meat. According to numerous studies, consumption of these meats can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Two other factors that can decrease or increase your risk of diabetes are smoking and consumption of alcohol.

The bottom line is that any habit in moderation will not prove harmful. By increasing your healthy meal choices, and limiting the unhealthy lifestyle ones, you will be able to stay healthy for longer.