Is there any truth behind the zodiac signs?

Is there any truth behind the zodiac signs?

Is there any truth behind the zodiac signs?

I guess we all have that one friend (I surely do) who always comes at us and starts the conversation with “Did you see what the signs (zodiac signs) have prepared for today?” and all I do is roll my eyes because I don’t believe in science-fiction.

However, since I cannot shut my ears, I usually do hear what she has to say and it came to my surprise that at times she actually predicted, so to say, the reality that was bound to happen. So I thought instead of one more eye rolling session I will just dig into this zodiac signs issue and see if there’s any truth behind it.

Join me in my journey towards the truth about zodiac signs!

So let’s take it step-by-step. Where did this whole zodiac madness start? The Greeks thought it’s a good idea to determine a certain zodiac sign by the constellation the sun was in the day one was born.

This is how the 12 elements came into existence. And based on these, we can determine four main elements that each sign corresponds to:

Fire — Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

It’s not by mistake that these signs belong to the element of fire (I should know, a 100% Aries). We can see fire from two perspectives, it can either protect you by keeping you warm or it can, well, burn you. Hence, be careful with us or we might explode.

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Once again, the name suggests something about the folks belonging to these signs. They’re bound to be grounded to earth, chill people, supposedly loyal, people we can count on.

Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You know that song with the “wind of change” lyrics? Well, that covers the aerials. At the same time, they can bring that breath of fresh air that we all need every once in a while.

Water Signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

So let me put this bluntly: these are the people you do not want to mess around with. Just like the fire, we can see water from two perspectives. It can either cool us down or we can drown in it. And truly, with these folks, you never know which one’s going to be since they are bound to be ultra-sensitive and extremely moody.

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Now that we skipped this fast judgmental side of the story, let’s move on.

My next question is, can these let’s call them predictions be real or actually say something about our future? Well, the answer is a bit cyclical. I mean, as I already mentioned, it happened to me as well that my friend was right now and then about what was going to happen to my zodiac signs throughout the day or week. And that made me think “wow, maybe there is something scientific behind this whole scheme”, which made me read more, which obviously led to further assumptions that got ground in reality.

See where I’m going? Meaning that if you don’t read your daily astrology, you can’t possibly know whether it would be true or not. If you do, well, let’s be honest, even that poor writer has to get it right every once in a while but it proves nothing else. Just luck.

Can there be any real value to astrology?

Actually, my answer here would be yes, but not everyone who ever writes for some random newspaper or blog has what it takes. It is said that astrology has the meaning of helping you understand a truth about yourself that you already knew but were not aware of.

As a conclusion, you can use it for fun, you can take advice from a specialist, someone who actually has a clue about astrology in order to receive further life guidance, but don’t base your daily decisions on what your daily horoscope says. Otherwise I would have already met my soulmate thousands of times. Just saying. Enjoy!