Home Spirituality Why your zodiac sign is the funniest?

Why your zodiac sign is the funniest?

Why your zodiac sign is the funniest

One thing is certain. We all appreciate a good laugh. I mean, how many times have you heard people telling you that laughing involves fewer muscles than a grim face? I know, so have I been told, although my face is grumpy 90% of the time.

However, I must admit, I believe life without a proper sense of humor would just be unbearable. It came to my surprise though the moment when someone brought my attention upon the fact that “not everyone likes a sarcastic comment”. I was in utter shock, I could not gather my thoughts for days. What do you mean not everyone appreciates sarcasm?

So I decided to take a look into this. In a funny way, obviously, how else could have I written this article? So I thought fine, let’s see what type of humor appreciates each zodiac sign. Especially because I had a previous article where I tackled whether there is any sort of truth behind this whole zodiac signs and astrology thing. So let’s take a look what’s so funny about each one of us.

Obviously, we shall begin with my sign, since everyone knows how narcissistic Aries can get (no, we are not trying to compete with you, Leo). So apparently we are great for punchy jokes (no, really?) sarcastic comments and one liners.

We deliver that humor bomb, so to say. Whenever we are in the room, you will hear it, loud and clear. However, so it seems that we can cross the line every now and then and not everyone understands out jokes (sad cry).

Moving on to the next sign, yes Taurus, that’s you, buddy. You can call these guys the cheer up sign. Because whenever you are down and there’s a Taurus around, there’s going to be laughs. In a certain way it’s similar to the humor Aries have, in the sense that it’s loud and punchy.

Next in line is Gemini! We all know these guys, having interchangeable personalities all the time, you never know what sort of a joke they’re going to crack. Also, they can easily make fun of themselves without becoming too dramatic about it.

Cancer. Now cancer’s sense of humor basically depends on yours. Meaning, they will most likely read it on you what sort of humor you have and adjust their accordingly. However, let’s just say you won’t laugh your heart out with these guys… no offence.

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We all know our Leos, no need for introduction. Hence, you can imagine that they can crack jokes really well, however, sometimes the jokes reflect their narcissistic selves and they can hardly focus on anybody else. However, we have to give it to them, with a Leo you can laugh your lungs out.

You know the cool thing about Virgos? They pay a lot of attention to details, which can automatically lead to hilarious jokes. O whenever there’s an innocent detail to notice, leave it up to a Virgo.

Libra, our eternal peacemaker sign. Obviously, they will use humor to defuse difficult situations. They will use humor whenever needed, in the middle of a fight, to make outcasts feel more confident, whenever humor comes in handy to avoid conflict. Quite smart…

When it comes to Scorpio, oh boy. Try to stay away from whatever causes their sense of humor to tick. Because whatever they might find funny, it’s most likely to be painful or humiliating. For you.

Cool thing about Sagittarius is that they can find the humorous and positive side in basically anything, any situation. Which is cool, until they offend someone. And even the fact that they might have offended someone appears to be funny to them.

Capricorns appear to be as classy, well-organized and script oriented people. Dry humor is their specialty, the ones that can see the funny side of a dramatic situation and if it’s condescending, even better.

Aquarius are the ones who can enjoy a good sadistic joke and even sarcasm, as long as it’s not about them. They prefer intellectual jokes with a deep insight rather than cheap thrills. These are the guys you can talk political comedy with…

Weird and absurd comedies, with special effects? Count in your Pisces friends! Otherwise, they can surely make a funny situation into a sad one.

I am curious to see if you have anything further we can add to our list of humor specialties for astrological signs. Let us know what rocks your boat and what sign you are! Until then, happy laughing everyone!

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