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Why is so important to have hobbies?


Hobby is a favorite activity that we practice in our free time. A hobby is basically one activity that has been discovered and developed constantly in time that makes us relax and enjoy our time.  Those people who live a quiet and calm life without big concerns in their lives  are those who have hobbies and invest time and money to develop their passions.  Having a hobby gives several benefits in a person’s life,  such as reducing stress, enjoying life, and reaching a high level of happiness which is so important for our body.

Here are some reasons why hobbies are so important in our lives:

  • Hobbies create healthy social connections

We live in a digital world where we do not even realize how easy it is to remain “imprisoned” at home,  in front of some devices. A hobby help you socializing with different people  that share the same passions with you. So, sharing ideas and exchanging information is really  relaxing, comfortable and helping you get closer to people.

  • Practicing a hobby raises the level of your self-esteem

If you do not like your job, or your life partner does not give you enough reasons to smile or you are simply at a certain point in time when you have lost your way and feel depressed,  by developing a hobby you would be able to find your motivation to go on forward with your life and enjoy your time at the maximum.

  • A hobby is like a real challenge
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Practicing a hobby gives you the freedom to try new things without that fear of failure. Set different goals in accordance to your hobbies, such as buying a rare coin if you are a collector, increasing your physical strength if your passion is sports or visiting an exotic island if your hobby is traveling. When you reach your goal you will see how your self-esteem will grow and how you will become effective and capable of success in other areas of your life.

  • Sports hobbies help you maintain a healthy body

A hobby that involves sports activities could motivate you more and make physical effort into a relaxing  activity. Hobbies like dancing, cycling, hiking, fitness and swimming help  you keep you maintain a slim body.

  • Hobbies increase your intelligence

Recent studies show that some of our hobbies, in addition to being refreshing and entertaining, also have a great influence on our intelligence. So, despite the general perception that intelligence is an innate quality, you must know that these are just preconceived ideas.

These are the main reasons why a hobby is so important in our life. We need to discover and develop ourselves by doing different things than we usually do on a daily basis. Keep in mind that feeling happy and enjoying life stimulates cortisol, the stress hormone, and will help our  body in all the activities during the day.

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