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How money can change people and affect their lives

How money can change people and affect their lives

In history, money has been responsible for a lot of good things but also it has been responsible for a lot of bad things: wars and infidelity, destroying families and friendships,  cause depression etc. People have in their mind that if they can demonize money, they will find reasons not to feel guilty if they can’t have enough.

You should always keep in mind that money is not the most important thing in life, but is something you need and use, for a better lifestyle. Be positive and think about how money can make the most important things in your life so much better. Let’s take a look:

  • Health

The truth is money gives you better access to healthcare, preventive medicine, and treatments. Another reason why money can make you healthier is that more money means less stress.

  • Family

There are some opportunities only money can buy, so money will help your family to live its dream. Use your family as your primary motivation to start earning more money.

  • Friends

If you have money, you have enough time and resources to travel, you will meet a lot of interesting friends and you will have access to the inner circle of successful people.

It is said that money doesn’t buy happiness and this is true. But money will open more doors for you and will make you feel more comfortable.

On the other hand, money can affect your life and your behavior.

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How money can affect your life

Money can affect your beliefs, the way you see yourself and your relationships.

  • Money change the way you value your time and effort if is offered as a motivation, and you can fall in a trap;
  • If you are always looking for money, you may not have enough time for your close ones;
  • If you are always thinking about money you won’t appreciate anymore the simple things in life;
  • It can make you feel superior to others and that’s not right because one’s value is not measured in cash;
  • It can make you lose the sense of class essentialism;
  • From cheating at cards to taking more than offered or cutting off someone at a stop sign, more money you have more likely for you to break the rules;
  • Earning money can be very addictive for you and big checks can easily become your only purpose in life;
  • Other kinds of addictions can come with money: shopping addiction, gambling addiction, even drugs and alcohol addiction

In the end, you have to know that it doesn’t matter if you were born rich, won the lottery or struggling to earn enough. Money can affect your life in good and in bad ways. How money can affect your life it’s easy to understand: it can change your behavior and the way you act, but it can’t change your genetics, identity, family history or your desire for hard work.

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