How personal can you get with your coworkers?

How personal can you get with your coworkers?

How personal can you get with your coworkers

We all know how challenging it can get to work with the same people every single day and keep all the info to yourself. I mean, even if you don’t go ahead and talk about the date you had the other night, there are details you would like to share with your colleagues.

It depends mostly on your personality type how much you would feel ok with sharing, some are fine with just saying that their weekend was good whereas others need about an hour to sum it up. I am also part of the second group so I started wondering how much is too much.

First things first, make sure you know your colleagues well before getting into any personal details. It’s essential to bear in mind that not everyone is looking out for your best interest.

Some people are more focused on gossip and what info they can further use against you in case ever needed. Tina from the next cubicle looks like a nice confident? Well make sure Tina is not looking for the same promotion you stand in line for and waits for an opportunity to tell your boss how unfocused you are.

Pay attention to what you are sharing.

Some pieces of info might seem totally harmless to you or even innocent but you have to take a look at it from another perspective as well.

For instance, sharing about how tired you are because it was your friend’s birthday yesterday and she gave a huge party and you had to stay to help clean up is totally cool. In your opinion. But think of how Tina might interpret it. “Party person who never puts work first and always comes hungover to the office”. Not so cool anymore, right?

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Too much talkey too little workey?

Nobody expects you to focus 9 hours out of the 9 you are supposed to stay in the office, I hope so, I mean. But at the same time when you keep on talking and talking, people might start wondering what on earth you are being paid for. See my point? We all take breaks because focus is not meant to last an eternity, without interruption.

Where to draw the line?

As I mentioned, it’s essential to know which stories have the green light to be shared with colleagues and which should be piled up in a personal folder. Some things are not meant to be shared at the workplace. However, nobody stops you from going out with that favorite colleague for a drink after the workhours.

What I am trying to say is that you need to find a balance, for your own sake not for anyone else’s. You need to know where to draw the line, what to share and what counts as oversharing.

Keeping a total distance from your colleagues might also seem suspicious and it would also make you feel unwelcome and soon you’d become an outcast. You need to draw the line between too much and too little. I am still good friends with some of my former coworkers. But we talk our things after work hours.