How to be a F*cking Goddess

How to be a F*cking Goddess


“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” ~ Chinese proverb

Goddess” is a word I hear thrown around a lot these days, especially in New Age or spiritual circles.

It’s kind of a buzzword at the moment.

I’ve watched people’s reactions to this word closely and it seems to me that there is this idea that a modern-day goddess is someone who wears long, flowy dresses, puts flowers in her hair, and is basically some kind of young, bohemian, feminine sparkle-pony.

This superficial image of what a goddess embodies makes me really sad because it’s devoid of the true richness and meaning of the word.

A goddess is a woman in her fullness.

A goddess is a woman who has embraced her unique gifts and strengths and is unafraid to share them with the world. Because of this, she shines.

A goddess is a woman who is connected to the rhythms of nature and life. She is unafraid of her cycles and knows how to navigate her fluid, ever-changing energies.

A goddess is a woman who wields her intuition and psychic powers with sophistication. A woman who has discerned who she is from the person others (and her culture) expect her to be.

A goddess is a woman who has refined her sexual energies and can engage intimately—sensually—with the world around her.

A goddess comprehends her own complexities and has tremendous capacity for compassion and creativity.

A goddess knows the struggles of life, but, instead of becoming hardened by them, she’s made more pliant by them. She’s not afraid of getting close to what hurts. Intimacy with her own suffering allows her to hold others through their own.

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A goddess is a leader in her community; a healer; a woman unafraid of her light because she’s journeyed into her depths and knows in her bones that all of her is a sacred extension of Source.

A goddess is not a cute, little sparkle-pony. A goddess is any woman, like you or like me, who has made the decision to remember who she really is.

Because, when you recognize your fullness and finally see yourself as who you truly are—an empowered and radiant goddess—you elevate yourself and everything else around you.

To be a f*cking goddess, you don’t need to do or be or act or have anything except for a resonant and sustained reverence for yourself.

You may need to question a few assumptions or drop a few ideas in order to be a f*cking goddess. Like the idea that you’re not one already. Or that you need to meet some ridiculous standard of what a goddess is—what she looks like or what her proper expression is—in order to be one.

You may need to question the assumption that you must acquire or learn or heal in order to be a goddess.